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Great Fishing Continues…..Get in On It or Miss Out!

Monday April 8, 2019  Another great week behind us.  We had a busy week and the fishing was excellent.  April is one of those months where you almost can’t go wrong.  Everything is getting going…..local bass and warmwater fishing, shad and stripers down east, reds and specks and other species in the salt, and mountain trout, bass, and more.  Hard to choose where because so many places will be good.  Good problem to have though.

On 4-1-2019 I worked on on our usual beginning of the month stuff plus catching up after two weeks of being on the water almost 6 days each week. Mountain of email, messages, fly orders, things are very busy. There was a cool down, and will be for next day or two then back to great spring weather. Fishing is great and will only get even better on all waters. Perfect as perfect gets as far as conditions. Delayed Harvest waters restocking for April starting today, opening day on all Hatchery Supported waters is Saturday Apr 6.

4-3-2019 I guided a TN float/wade trip, with Mike Delissio, Winston-Salem, NC, TN tailwaters, we did a half day /morning float and had some good fishing, mostly subsurface stuff and caught some nice browns…a mix of rainbows and browns , caught a number of fish swinging wet flies also. We floated the upper section and stopped for lunch just after 1pm. After lunch we went upriver and caught some more fish with double nymph rigs. Rising fish were here and there but they were never rising consistently. Put about 30 in the net today, and Mike even landed a couple of doubles.   Beautiful weather, mid 60s and sunny.

On 4-4-2019 I guided  Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC, and took advantage of a split schedule on in the morning and off in the afternoon to do a morning float and afternoon wade. Great fishing on float, probaby 50 fish in the net and several quality, big browns. Afternoon we waded low water and got some olives, caddis, etc., and caught another 25 or so to put an exclamation point on an already great day. Sun, warm, 75F made for an incredible day. Busy week, and busy weeks end so report is kind of short but simply put the fishing has been superb. Superb. Have a few days left in April, beyond that June is the earliest next opening. IF you are looking for a date to fish time to reserve it now as I expect I’ll be full soon. Here are a few pics from yesterday of some of the hogs that came to the boat…

On 4-6-2019 I guided Dr Jerry Reeves, Oak Ridge, NC, and Mike Blackman, Greensboro, NC, and we had an early start, a really early start, in expectation of a nice weather Saturday with plenty of sun, and with that the expectation of a lot of other anglers on the water.  We got lucky with the rain on Friday, it was widespread and heavy in some areas but we missed a lot of it where we fished, and we fished two different waters.  One was in great shape, about as good as it gets, the other was high and very off color, just short of what I would call muddy.  Both fished great, we had a banner day, spent most of the day nymph fishing with double rigs and soft hackle rigs and did very well.  Caught about 40 before 10am , browns, brookies, and rainbows, several 18″ plus fish included.  We fished about a mile of water before lunch and had about 50 fish by lunch, the largest a 21-22″ rainbow landed by Jerry and an 18″ brookie by Mike.  We had a quick shore lunch, then headed off to fish another couple of stretches and also one other stream as well and we caught fish like the morning, ending up with just shy of 100 fish on the day.  It was excellent to put it simply.  Conditions were great and continue to be.  This pattern of a several dry days and one day of rain is keeping conditions optimal…..and we are enjoying and reaping the fruits of that.  Here are two citation fish that came to net…

We have more photos than the above on our main website fishing reports page.  You can see more by clicking here . Expecting another great week this week.  We have some rain coming in but it is only tonight and early tomorrow and then its out of here.  It will help keep our local waters at an optimal level, so with that I welcome it.

Our upcoming FLY FISHING SCHOOL on April 27, 2019 at the SUMMIT Center in Brown Summit is now full.  It is an all day even we are doing with or for our friends at GREAT OUTDOOR PROVISION COMPANY in Greensboro.  Looking forward to a great event.

We have a busy week of trips coming up, several wade trips over the next few days rounded out with a few float trips toward week’s end.  Should be a great week of fishing.  As I have said for a while, time to get out fishing or you will miss out.  Prime time is here, time to take advantage of it.

Tight Lines…


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