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New Week, Same Result…..

Wednesday March 20, 2019 …..Pretty much, this is a new week but the same result as last week.  Great fishing.  Often I will post a preview of what the upcoming week should look like…or what I think it will look like……occasionally it works out not only exactly like you like it but it even tops that.  Here is what I wrote on our website fishing reports page…

WEEK of 3-18 to 3-25 Preview….. Going to be a good week, if sun is what you have been waiting for. Chilly yes, but good fishing weather absolutely. We have a full week of trips slated, conditions are great, about as good as you could hope for. Small streams , Delayed Harvest waters, and tailwaters are all fishing great, I’ve been on all just about everyday the past week and it was stellar…..

Had a great start to the week and yesterday’s trip with Dr Terry Massagee was outstanding.  Hard to imagine better.  Here is the fishing report from yesterday and the cold day of fishing in the NC mountains.

Terry and I met bright and early, it was cold, really cold, right on the heels of a cold front that swept through on Monday. Other than feeling chilly, it didn’t bother the fishing, as it shouldn’t have. Its spring, time for them to eat and for us to fish. Today was proof you don’t have to wait on “perfect conditions” and in fact, if you do you will miss out. It took about a half hour for the sun to get above the trees, and when it did it was game on.

We covered about a mile of water and all of it produced. Some spots we’d catch two or three fish, others as many as 8 to 10. The first half of the day produced about 40 fish, two of which were citation (20 inch) rainbows, several nice native browns, some quality brookies.

We took a break for lunch and had a nice lunch streamside, and it also had warmed up significantly. We ate quickly but enjoyed it greatly, we took little time because there was more work to do…..catch fish. After some difficult climbing down a treacherous ravine, then a tough riverbank, we started in one of my favorite places to fish late winter/early spring.

It produced several fish, maybe a half dozen or 8 fish, but one of them a lifetime fish. Terry made a cast to a spot where I have caught large fish before. He made the cast, set the hook, and the fish came up close to the surface. It was a leviathan of a brown trout. A huge female brown, the fish rolled under the surface and then it was on. For the next 8 or 9 minutes Terry played the fish. I walked him through every move, give line, take line, rod up, rod to the side. He followed perfectly, and in about 8 or 9 minutes the largest NC brown trout I have ever had a client catch lay in my net. The closest to a three foot brown I have ever come in NC.  The fish ate one of my custom Dead Squirrel flies, a longtime favorite of mine and many clients for decades.  I tie and sell these.

Had a client catch one of this size a few years back on the upper South Holston in Virginia, and a couple in TN close to that, but never in NC. Had one years ago in Chinqapin Lake in Ashe Co that was 27-28″ but never a 30″ fish. This one was beyond that. A great fish, a lifetime catch for most folks who flyfish.We had a great afternoon after that, catching another 30 fish or so, including two other rainbows that were in the 18-22″ range. A killer day, we netted about 80 total on they day….epic fishing by any definition.

Here are all the photos from yesterday…..on our fishing reports page here we have a short video clip of Terry and his giant brown and the release….pretty sweet.  Check it out here .

Weather is great folks. It is cold in the mornings, but minimally wet now and minimally so over the next few days. Of course, we’ll be fishing regardless. Cold or nice. Wet or Dry. Fishing is on fire and with dropping water levels and warming water temps both the bugs are becoming more active and the fish have put the feedbags on and are munching like wildfire.  I’ve said before and will reiterate, we are experiencing one of the best spring fishing seasons we have had in some time.  All things point to things continuing to be that way.  Right now our March has been full for some time, and our May is nearly full.  April will soon be full as well so don’t miss out if you are thinking about a trip.

Hope today is a great one…..!

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Fishing Has Been On Fire….

Monday March 18, 2019 ….. Best way to state it, fishing has been on fire.  Going to be a good week, if sun is what you have been waiting for.  Chilly yes, but good fishing weather absolutely.  We have a full week of trips slated, conditions are great, about as good as you could hope for.  Small streams , Delayed Harvest waters, and tailwaters are all fishing great, I’ve been on all just about everyday the past week and it was stellar…..and clients caught a ton of fish.

Bugs are hatching, and fish will be looking up as spring comes officially this week.  The fish won’t be looking up because of that though.  Its because with dry weather comes falling water levels and with lower water levels comes increasing dry fly opportunities.  Bugs have been active and coming off all along.  But as usually is the case with higher flows, nymph fishing is way more productive.  Period.  But as the water drops the fish begin to key on the insects which have been active whether the water is high or not.  Enough of that though, here is a recap of our most recent guided trips…

On 3-13-2019 , we had the first day of our annual spring NC Trout Bum trip, and those joining me were Dr Pat Burney, Ted Linczak, Tim Moore.  We had a great day, sun , warmer, cloudy later in the day, zero rain…..water was clear/green and high, fishing was stellar from the start.  We fished a variety of nymph rigs, double nymph rigs, and even had some excellent streamer fishing too.  Fish have not been pressured and fishing is real solid right now.  Today was an 80-90 fish day, with two 20 inch brook trout landed by Ted the big fish of the day.  Here are some pics….

On 3-14-2019, Day two of our NC Trout Bum trip, Dr Pat Burney, Ted Linczak, Tim Moore, we had cloudy skies when we got out early but it was warm , in the 60sF, and fishing was on right from the start.  We fished double nymph rigs and streamers and did very well,, I think all total the guys landed somewhere around 125 fish total today.  A mix of rainbows, browns, and brookies, several of the fish landed were citation sized brookies (18-20″) and a rainbow.  Tim landed two gaint redhorse suckers, which are fun to catch.    Fishing was on fire today, no other way to say it.  We fished til about 630pm and called it a day.  Here are some pics…

On 3-15-2019 I did a tailwater high water float trip with Ted Linczak.  Ted did the two day trout bum trip and decided to stick around and he wanted to do a float trip on the big water on the South Holston.  TVA still dumping 4100 + cfs (normal generation amount is 2400-2500cfs, the river is in the trees.  Fishing was on fire.  Ted wanted to do a streamer float, which is what we did, we did the lower 10 miles of river and had a great day.  300 grain sinking lines and big rods and big flies…..plus fishing them in the right spot and we ended up having a 60 fish day on streamers will a ton of nice fish caught, several of which we 20 inch and larger browns.  One rainbow in the mix otherwise it would have been a brown trout event totally……Caught all our fish on one of my Olive Double L streamers, they simply ate it up.  We did the close n precise game, using some of the techniques I used for years on some of our big rivers in Eastern NC striper fishing….and works like a charm.  We had an incredible day of streamer fishing, ask good as you could hope for.  It rained heavily in the morning before we started, but it quit and remained cloudy til 2pm when the sun came out.  The fishing was good regardless.  Sunny 64F and that is hard to beat after all the nasty weather we’ve had.  Here are some pics of our day….

Our March calendar has been full for some time and April has a few openings, but I suspect they too will be soon full.  We have a very small handful of days still open in May for anyone interested.  Booking up a little faster than in years past, going to be a great spring!

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