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Monday, February 4, 2019 That would be the theme of the winter so far.  Fishing right through.  Those who know me know I fish in anything in terms of weather, and fortunately some clients will also.  Interesting too that fish don’t do what they do when we want, they do what they do when they want.  Their world is one of eat or be eaten, and basically they do those two things …..eat and avoid being eaten, or eat and be eaten,  a third, and that is spawn, and finally a fourth, rest when they are not doing those things.   So outside of that they don’t do anything else.  But the point is they feed when we aren’t willing to be out…..thus, we catch fish in all kinds of weather.  Because for them, eating is life or death….and getting enough.

Have had some up and down flows but great fishing the past two weeks.  The brown trout spawn is done, and rainbows are beginning that right now.  Fishing has been superb on many of our trips.  We have caught some huge browns.  Eight weight rods, heavy lines, bigger flies, and that has been getting the job done.  It has been fun and anyone who has been out with me has been rewarded with a stellar outing.

Had a good Friday/Saturday two day float trip , guided Trip, Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC, TN float trip, Ted has booked a ton of days to throw the big stuff and has been rewarded with some great fish and fishing.  The streamer fishing bug continues, flows permitting.

Ted had planned to fish Friday and when Saturday was also open he stayed for that as well. Two days of floating, just short of 23 miles of river. Two totally different days weather wise, Friday was 30s and snowing all day….Saturday was pleasant, cloudy then party sunny and 60F. Couldn’t have had two more opposite days. Spawning areas that have been closed since Nov 1 reopened as well.

We streamer fished a lot on Friday, and had a brief spell of 2hrs when the water was off that we nymph fished a bit and caught some fish doing that, and also tossed some dry flies to rising fish too. Then the water came back on and we picked up where we left off with the streamer game.

We ended up with about 35-40 fish by the end of the day including several large fish on streamers . Saturday we put in mid river and committed to all day streamer fishing, and took advantage of higher flows especially on the lower river, and did very well putting probably 40 to 45 fish in the boat including some bigs….. it was great. Also, several pics of a bald eagle I have seen for weeks on the stretch of the river we were on Saturday…A great two days…… Some of these fish were real eye candy…

We are having a significant mild up the next five days, and the temps all the way through Friday are going to reach 60sF in the mountains and low 70s over in East Tennessee.  Great time to get out and do some fishing, we have openings all week also…..Right now Tuesday 2/5, Wednesday 2/6, Thursday 2/7, and Friday 2/8 are all open/available.  Don’t miss out, some great fishing is available and not many folks out….fish aren’t getting a ton of pressure so its a great time to fish.

Tight lines…


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