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Wade Fishing Improving Steadily….

Fri. January 11, 2019 – At least that is the word for now, wade fishing is steadily improving with a few days of dry and mild weather.   I guess we went a whole week without significant, measurable rain.  We may be in a drought situation.

Just kidding, of course.  Don’t worry, we have more on the way.  A Winter storm watch which will include a mixed bag of snow, sleet, and freezing rain.  So if you were worried we were slipping into drought conditions, take heart, we are fine…..lol.

On Thursday I guided a wade fishing trip, Dr Pat Burney, Dr Ken Karb, Greensboro, NC, and it was cold, quite chilly after the mild weather we had for weeks.  The guys wanted to do some wade fishing, and close to home if possible, and so we did just that.  Water is up everywhere, and that’s not all bad.  Lots of new holes and runs in your favorite streams I can guarantee you.

We wade fished and got in the water mid morning, the water was high and relatively clear, “green like money” as I call it in the winter.  Fish the green and make some bank, that is catch some fish.  Right now, as is normally the case in winter, slower areas of the river, seams, seam eddies, deep bends, deep tailouts, slower pockets within runs , that is where you are going to catch fish right now….and that is exactly what we did…fish those spots.

It was a little slow to start, which I expected and you should too, but we caught a few in the morning and from midday til we quit around 4pm we had steady action landing a bunch of fine rainbows.  Ken had the largest with a 20 inch plus rainbow.  I expect we caught a couple dozen total, which I was real happy with and so were the guys, and particularly since we have had such limited wade fishing opps the past month.

Junk patterns teamed up with a tiny nymph (pick a fly, a midge, a small stone, small pheasant tail, brassie, etc) worked well, as they should.    Takes were split half and half, with the hottest fly a Y2K in watermelon and flo peach.  We fished til 4pm and called it a day.  Good to do some wade fishing, we’ll be doing more this week.  I will be doing a wade fishing trip tomorrow (Friday) with David and Adam Carter, Greensboro, NC, and it will be nice to do more wade fishing.

Looks like a mixed bag weather event coming for the entire area.  I have a Saturday open but I suspect I’ll find no one willing to do some fishing.  I had a potential float trip scheduled but we opted to postpone due to the threat of ice being a part of the mix.  This time that is highly likely.  Snow?  If it were snow, business as usual.  I’ll tow the boat or wade fishing up to and over a foot of snow on the ground.  That’s no problem.  Ice…?  That is a different deal altogether and not something to mess around with.

Enjoy your Friday, have a great weekend.  Might be a good time to catch up on your fly tying….

Tight Lines…..


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