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Great Weeks’ End…..More Rain, More High Water, More Big Fish…

Jan 5, 2019 …..Wet, Wet, Wet, that is the continued theme.  But we have a wet weather game, and its been really good.  And if getting out fishing anyway is what your thoughts are turning to, take heart.  We have been doing well, and catching a lot of fish despite the perceived “tough” conditions.  For fish its business as usual, and lots of water isn’t unusual, undesirable, or unworkable for them.  They thrive in it.  You can too….want to fish?  Message us and we can make it happen….

But the reality is, it has been wet.  How wet?  Wettest ever for most of the area.  Never wetter.  If you make extreme statements like “man, its never been like this”…..and “I have never seen it this wet….”….. this time you are right on the money.  Below is a list of locations and precip totals for 2018.  For every location it was the wettest in history of keeping climatological records, which dates back over 100 years, unless of course there is a parentheses…in which case the rank of wettest year is in that.

Jefferson 79.43″
Laurel Springs 90.14″
Boone 93.42″
Wilkesboro 77.84″
North Wilkesboro 75.80″
Mt. Airy 69.00″ (2nd)
Marion 104.51″
Morganton 76.35″
Hickory 62.26″ (7th)
Asheville 79.48″
Mt. Mitchell 139.94″
Waynesville 59.79″ (6th)
Wytheville, VA 56.94” (2nd)

Wet weather is a hassle, and an inconvenience, and a game changer.  But you can still do well.  And, it does not harm fish.  They thrive in it.  Bugs do well in it.  Streams get cleansed, fresh nutrients are brought in, and that is great for the bugs which in turn provides food in great abundance.  It is NOT the catastrophic or bad deal it is made to sound like.  Perhaps most of all, its NORMAL.  We have always had wet weather, we have always had and will always have flooding.  Best way to look at it?  Learn to deal with it.

Develop new strategies…..learn some new techniques.  Stretch your skill set.  Its all good.  You will learn some tricks you can employ for the rest of your angling days.  With all that said, here is a synopsis of the week for us, right on the heels of a great New Year’s day float trip with Anthony Hipps and Paul Gruver.

On 1-2-2019 I had scheduled a guided Trip with Curtis and Nathan Reeves, Archdale NC.  We had planned a wade fishing trip, and decided to postpone and reschedule as water was still a little higher than I prefer.  For wade trips we are just giving it an extra day or two to drop. We postponed and will be rescheduling to another day.

On 1-3-2019 I did a float trip with one of my frequent clients Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC, we ended up doing a  South Holston float trip and had a killer day streamer fishing.  We fished the big water , 3020 + cfs , fished the big rods and the big stuff and landed about 25 fish, including several 20 inch fish.   The river was up and rolling but it didn’t stop us from having a good day. Put in the work and the time, and you get rewarded. We forgot the forecast,  mocked the weatherman today and won.   Great day though, fishing was good even with record flows.  Here are some pics….

On 1-4-2019  I guided  Joe & Ian Craig, High Point, NC,  we did a TN tailwater float, put in mid morning, flow was 3020 cfs, big flow, I knew we’d be able to drum up some fish nymphing, and we did just that. Water was up even above full sluice flow of 3020, and a little dingy, but we still did well. Forecast was for all day rain, and we had heavy rain overnight and in the morning but then things settled down a bit and we had a mostly dry day. Even a few peeks of the sun…..we caught fish on nymph rigs, double nymph rigs, caught a lot of fish on midge patterns in the huge flow. Fish can see better than you think they can….pretty amazing still they can find and pick out a tiny fly in so much water. We landed probably three dozen or so fish nymphing, then found an eddy 3/4 the way through our float where there were some rising fish. Nailed the first 3 dry fly fish of 2019. A pretty amazing river when you can catch dry fly fish in the dead of winter, incredibly high water, and its January. After catching fish on dry flies the guys wanted to head downriver and try their hands at throwing meat. Big rods, big flies, 300grain lines, and lots of slinging. But , as I always say, if you are willing to work for it and put in the effort and time, sooner or later it gets rewarded. The last mile of the float we got three fish to eat, all nice fish, two of them over 20 inches. Fishing has been good……simply good …..do we really care anymore if it rains? Nope. Here are some pics…..

Its been a great week, to put it plainly.  Looks like more wet, then our next cold shot arrives Wednesday.  Water will be shaping up for some wade trips, and of course, floating is always an option.  You want to catch some fish, mock the weather, go anyway and have a great time then let’s git er done.

Tight Lines….


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