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Fri. July 28, 2017 …Been several days since I have posted a report.  Putting in a lot of really long days, before sunup til 10pm…seems to be the thing once the dog days of summer arrive.  I have been doing a lot of wading and floating on the tailwaters, and doing a good bit of smallmouth fishing too.  Topwater fishing and dry fly fishing has been stellar, and that is normal summer stuff.  Had some really good days lately.  The small streams got a shot of rain the past few days and that should improve things on that front.  Areawide rains of 3/4″ up to isolated 2 and 3″ amounts have provided some needed rain.  Combine that with a cool down coming ….some of which will include some record lows for late July/early August…. Have a few days more of trips and then will be heading to Wyoming on Aug 9.  Here is a rundown of the past week or so of trips…

On July 20 I did a guided trip, David & Alicia Horky, Greensboro, NC, Va Smallmouth float trip, we did a 6.5 mile float and had a good day catching smallmouth on top, caught the majority of our fish on topwater, with a few on streamers also. We also about half way through the float had a shot at a musky who gave us a brief look. Great day, hot as blazes…which is normal stuff for July and Aug in the Appalachians.

On July 21 I did a guided trip, Curtis Reeves, Archdale, NC, TN tailwaters, good day, hot as blazes again with a heavy storm/downpour early afternoon…..wet again…..as usual. We spent most of the day sight fishing, probably put 15 or so in the net. Caught them mostly on a mixture of midge patterns…and we got a couple large fish. Several quality fish, we wade fished low water and finished up when the water came up on us down in Lakeview. In late again….beginning to see a pattern here….lol.

I did a July 22 guided trip, Ian & Jake Craig, High Point, NC, Va smallmouth float trip, met Ian and Jake bright and early and we hit the New River for smallmouth. Did a 7.5 mile float today, today had to be one of the hottest floats I have ever done. Bright sun, temps in the 90sF, and strangely a wind of 25 to 35 most of the day and which at times would gust to 40 plus. It was hard to keep us going down river at times. That definitely affected the fishing, we still caught maybe 20-25 smallies, redeyes, redbreast, and had one huge smallmouth on at the beginning which if landed would have been in the 6lb range…and it was on topwater. We all gasped when it surfaced and leapt and then leapt again and came loose. It was one of those shock and awe moments…..a true trophy on and gone and it happened so quickly it left us shaking our heads as to what just happened. We had just nailed several on top right before that and it would have not only been fish of the day but fish of the year so far on the New for me or a client. We fished through til about 430pm or so and called it a day. It was blazing hot, and the wind dried us out pretty good….it was a hot wind. We had put in 10 hours already so it was probably a good call. A cold front is pushing down on us and the wind was from that and the thunderstorms, which were around us but never came to us.

July 24-25 I took some time to perform site maintenance on our website, shopping cart, fishing report site, tying site, blog, etc., some pages of our several sites may work in a limited capacity until we are finished with maintenance. Quite a chore for sure, but a “few times a year” must to keep things updated properly.

On July 26 I guided a float trip, Ron Davis, Ed Wilson, Winston-Salem, NC, TN tailwater float, we did the upper Soho float and did well, getting into some excellent dry fly fishing and a pretty good sulphur hatch. Got in very late as I didn’t get off the river til 9:40pm but it was great…. Ron has fishing this type of fishing a lot and caught a bunch of fish… Ed got his first taste of tailwater floating and dry fly fishing here and caught a good number of browns….all browns in fact.  The great dry fly action continues for yet another day.

On July 27 I did a guided float trip, Ted Linczak and his client, Summerville, SC, TN tailwaters wade/float or float, we started late morning and nymph fished scoring several nice rainbows and one large fish, looked like a big brown on briefly but came off after a blistering run downstream. We fished til about 130pm and then put the boat in for a float. Had two pretty good downpours and ended up having lunch under the bridge at the put in.

After a quick lunch we were off. It took a while for the fish to get cranked up but by 345pm we had rising fish and that would increase in intensity very quickly and we soon had rising fish everywhere. Zero other folks on the water, no other boats.

Had one other boat pass in the heavy fog and rain and that was the only one we saw on the entire 5 mile float. We started hooking up on sippers right away, it was fun to powder the dry fly and within a cast or two see it get eaten. We scored several good rainbows to start, then about midway through the float we got into some great browns.

We hit a spell where every riser Ted cast to ate the dry, it was great. Scored in one spot literally 25 fish in consecutive casts…..red hot that is. That continued pretty much all the way through the next mile or so. It was awesome, I didn’t keep count but we must have been near 40 or so on dries by the time we reached the last mile of the float.

We got several heavy downpours, enough so that the handy bilge hand pump got put to use. It would rain hard, we’d have 1″ to 1 1/2″ of water in the boat, I’d pump it out, then we’d repeat. After the rain passed, the fog set in and there were times the fog was so thick you couldn’t see 50ft beyond the bow of the boat.


Near Zero visibility. With one last rapid to run, we decided to call it a day and head to the takeout. Great day, phenomenal dry fly fishing, about as good as it gets. And had it all to ourselves. Another long day though, by the time we took the boat out, I took Ted back to his vehicle, and was getting something to eat and settling in it was 1030pm.  Typical summer stuff though.

Will be pulling out of my place near Johnson City, TN today (July 28) and heading out to do a float pretty soon with client Bill Lathrop and his wife, they are from Atlanta, GA.  We will be putting in midday for an afternoon/evening float and hopefully some dry fly fishing.  Will finish up the week with a Saturday trip guiding clients Dr Shanker Polsani, Winston-Salem, NC, and Curtis Reeves.  We will be doing a wade trip on the South Holston.  The TVA is showing a 210 sluice for the weekend and will start the regular sluicing on Aug 1 due to the generator replacement project at the dam.

Continuing to prepare for the summer Wyoming stint in August.  Shaping up to be a great trip, will definitely be a good time.  I look forward to the lack of humidity….maybe I will finally dry out a little there….

Have a good weekend….stay dry.  Great weather coming….


Posted via the Web from the rim of Boone Lake , Johnson City, TN


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