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Phenomenal Saturday…

Sat. June 10, 2017 ……What a way to end the week, did a trip with a longtime friend and client Wayne Johnson, Atlanta, GA, who I taught to fly fish over a decade ago.  Since that time he has traveled the world fly fishing all over so this was sort of a reunion trip.  I had not fished with Wayne in almost 4 years, as work, and moving and other stuff took him all over the past few years.

I met Wayne late morning and we did the upper river float on the South Holston.  We caught a few fish nymphing drop shot rigs, then a few swinging wet flies, then we started to fish dries as the bugs came off.  Hatch was good but not as heavy as yesterday, but that is normal, it will be heavy some days light others but there were plenty of fish rising to be had.

 We nailed several nice fish on dries, including a 19″ brown and a 22.5″ brown, both on one of my sulphur emergers, plus a number of other quality fish.  We moved downriver, nailing risers from pods of fish we saw rising.  It was great, Wayne had a banner day, it was epic.  One of the better quantity and quality fish days I have had.  We caught fish all the way downriver.

Fished to one last pod of risers on a bank that hardly ever get fished to, a very difficult spot to fish but Wayne nailed several nice fish there, all browns, and had one fish on that was in the 23 to 25″ range that he played marvelously but the fish got into some grass and broke off after a 3 or 4 minute fight.  After it broke off, the fish surface and jumped upriver 15 feet upriver and it was a two footer with a big kype (hooked jaw), one of those yellow and orange colored up buttery browns…..uggghhhh…..we were both speechless…and heartbroken.

It was getting late so we ended on that last fish and headed to our takeout.  July is going to be epic, now is the time to reserve a date if you want in on it…..as I am getting calls and bookings daily and it should fill up soon.

Have a great Sunday…


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