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Great Week This Week….

Sat. June 10, 2017 ….Its been a great week, and I have not stopped for the most part, doing trips Tuesday through today Saturday June 10, and a total of about 42 miles of floating.  Its been a great week, the warmwater fishing has been great and the tailwaters South Holston and Watauga have been lights out.  Some of the best fishing in a long time with big hatches and rising fish.

 On Wednesday and Thursday I did two days of guided trips with two clients I take a lot… Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC, and Tony Makris, Columbus, OH.  We fished both the South Holston and Watauga and fishing was excellent. On Wednesday we fished the South Holston, floated the entire river ….14.5 miles.  Did an 8 mile streamer float to start, and nailed some nice browns doing that, then headed upstream to catch the sulphur hatch.  Great hatch caught a ton of fish on dry flies.  A ton….

On Thursday we fished the first half day on the Watauga, and it was good also.  Caught about 3 dozen browns and rainbows, lots on midges early then some on dry flies.  We left the Taug’ about 1pm and headed back over to the South Holston to hopefully catch the sulphur hatch.  It was epic.  Blanket hatch, we fished to rising fish for 4 solid hours.  Lost count of the fish caught…..it was outstanding.


Fished the last two hours streamers and caught some more good browns doing it.  Great two days…… fishing on both rivers on fire…..  We did the usual either float the mornings throwing meat or fishing low water with midges, both of which are release schedule dependent.  The high water afternoons are when the big hatches have come….summer is here folks.  And its going to be good.


On Friday I did a guided float trip with James Brewer, Biscoe, NC, and Dan Rominger, Belews Creek, NC,  and we floated the South Holston.   I met James and Dan around 845am and we were off, ran down to the put in and floated the upper river and caught several fish swinging wet flies/soft hackles.  We caught a lot of fish doing that, which works pre hatch and all during the sulphur emergence.  Sometimes it works when other things aren’t working.  It worked great today.

We then floated falling water down to a favorite pool where we fished low water from the boat and had a great flurry of fishing, putting probably 40 to 50 fish in the net there, as we caught them on long skinny leaders, small flies….did very well on midges and split case nymphs.  Sight fishing was epic, we had shots at good fish all day long and caught plenty.

…and then the sulphurs came.  Great hatch, nailed a bunch of rising fish on dries….heaviest hatch so far this year I’ve fished or guided.  It was great, at many times there were bank to bank risers.  Pick a fish and work him.  If you didn’t get him on the first drift the second or third time was the charm. It was great, sure redemption for the last’s months crazy and difficult weather patterns.  How sweet it was, and continues to be.  The rest of the summer is going to be epic if its like this now.

We fished til about 7pm and then floated to take out.  I rowed through the last mile and a half to the ramp as the guys needed to hit the road for home.  The hatch was so good we had stayed well beyond what they intended already.  Good stuff, …”honey I’m going to be really late.”  It was one of those days.

Have another trip leaving out this morning, and will be guiding Wayne Johnson, Atlanta, GA.  I have fished with Wayne quite a bit over the past 10 years.  We are starting late morning as the release schedule is on at 8am.  We will likely put in just after 10am.  Should be a great day….Wayne is a combat Vet and will today be sniping some rising Soho browns.  I expect a good day as the forecast is sun and 85F….that is near perfect for the hatch to be great, and I’d be surprised if it isn’t.

Well, time to drink this one last cup of coffee and pack things up in the boat.   Game time….

Have a great one…


Posted from the banks of the Watauga River in East TN


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