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Busy Week Coming Up…

Mon. June 5, 2017 – This weekend did some afternoon panfish /bass trips….. a note …June 3 marked the opening of the DH Harvest period.  All DH waters opened to harvesting fish on June 3, from sun up til noon only anglers 15yrs old and were able to legally fish and harvest fish.  After noon, all anglers were permitted to do so.  Some streams will continue to receive periodic stockings the rest of the summer but that is dependent upon elevation.  Consult the NC wildlife website here to find that information.

The warmwater topwater bite at times has been as good as it gets.  That is normal business for this time of year.  In some respects I have experienced flurries of action that were as good as I have ever experienced.

Spent a good bit of the weekend fly fishing for warmwater species and tallied over 100 bluegills, some nice bass, yellow perch, carp, etc.  Spent some of that time with friend and fellow guide Tom Smith scouting some carp….a number of our local waters have them and a lot of them and they tail and eat in shallow water and offer shallow water sight fishing akin to bonefishing.

Have an upcoming string of trips, all float trips, and we’ll be floating the South Holston and Watauga.  Flows are coming down as the TVA has pumped tons of water in an effort to get the lakes back down to a manageable level.  Fishing has improved also, and will continue to do so.  Plenty of fish to be had nymphing, and afternoons have seen some dry fly action, mostly sulphurs.

Have a two day trip , both floats , coming up with Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC, and Tony Makris, Columbus, OH.  I’ll follow that with a Friday float with James Brewer, Biscoe, NC, and Dan Rominger, Belews Creek, NC.  Will wrap up the week floating with a longtime client Wayne Johnson, Atlanta, GA.  Should be a great week.

Here are some great videos for you…….worth a look…


Have a great one……


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