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Great Friday Trip…

Sat. June 3, 2017 …. Finally getting beyond the wet weather a bit and hitting some private with with two clients, did a guided wade fishing trip with Adam Norris and Will Johnson, Winston-Salem, NC.  I met Adam and Will near the river and we suited up and headed down.  Didn’t take long to get into fish, we did very well, landing some fine rainbows in the first spot we fished.  Caught them nymphing, even though there were a few fish rising.  They didn’t rise to dries all that well, so nymph fishing we continued with.

The next spot we did similarly, caught a bunch of fish fishing nymph rigs and dry /dropper rigs.  Had on one fish that would have been fish of the year, a rainbow that was double digits and was somewhere in the 26 to 30″ range.  Adam played the fish for a while very well, and it made several runs and jumps, only to end up breaking the hook.  Not breaking the tippet or breaking off…..breaking the hook.  It was a ginormous rainbow.

We fished a while longer then headed back to the truck to have lunch and then move upstream to fish some more and hit some of the small lakes/ponds on the property.  We did very well there, with Adam nailing a sipper the first cast with a beetle. It was a rainbow in the 24 to 25″ range.  After a spirited fight and several leaps a 5 pound plus rainbow lay in my net.  After a quick photo we released the fish.

We ended up catching a good many fish on terrestrials.  Caught several nice rainbows, one nice brown, and also spent some time at all three of the small lakes/ponds on the property.  We had shots at some brookies but that were challenging.

We also fished one of the lakes and got to sight fish for cruising bass.  We caught a good many bass and also some huge panfish….all of them on topwater or a dry /dropper and some on a pink squirmy which we would cast to a cruising fish and twitch the fly in front of them.

We made our way back to the river and ended up nailing a lot more rainbows, including one beast of a fish that was in the 26-27″ range and probably a solid 7-8lbs.  The fish ate a size 20 pheasant tail, another official 20/20 for the season….20 inch plus fish on a fly size 20 or smaller.  We ended up landing a ton of fish there and two other spots.

About 730pm we decided to call it a day.  Excellent day of fishing, plus we got some on top.  We did pretty well with terrestrials, not so much with some of the other dries that normally work.  But the terrestrial bite is definitely on.  And we’ll be doing a bit of this the rest of the summer.

Also, have another afternoon /evening Saturday trip for bass and panfish.  I do some of this during certain times of the year, and the fishing can be exceptional.  One surprise for me is how many folks don’t take advantage of some of this fishing.  Its one of the best ways to improve all your skills from casting to line management to everything.  Even those who fly fish a lot.  Missing out on it …..is a loss.

Have a busy week of fishing coming up and should be a good week.  We have some chances for rain on Sunday but the following week looks drier than weeks past.  That should help things settle back to normal.

Have a great weekend…


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