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Great End to a Busy Week….

Fri. June 2, 2017…. Great end to a busy week, topped it off yesterday with a really good bass and panfish trip on one of our local waters. We always get N epic topwater bite in May after the bass and crappie have spawned and the bluegills start doing their thing.
As usual bluegills here spawn starting with the first full moon in May and spawn every full moon til September​. And so it has been on local waters. Had a great evening trip last night with about 75 large bluegills and a few largemouth bass also….one of which was 8.25lbs. The topwater bite was epic, landed the majority of fish on poppers… including the large Bass. It’s good now and should be so for weeks and months on end.

I do guided half days of this fishing if interested. This morning finds me in Virginia getting ready to guide a private water trip with two clients Adam Norris and Will Johnson. Looking forward to a great day catching some bigs…

More to come….enjoy your Friday


Posted from the Alleghany Highlands with Motorola Droid Z


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