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Summer is Almost Here….

Thurs. June 1, 2017 ….. Summer is almost here, in 20 days that is, and all the great fishing that comes with it.  Believe it or not, as hard as it has been dealing with record rainfall this will eventually be a blessing in disguise as we’ll have better summer flows and in many respects better summer fishing.  We have great summer fishing, and great variety too…one of the things I love about it….and one of the things that make it a reward for those who venture out in the warm weather.


Its finally June officially and with that comes a new month and a lot of stuff that is changing.  Fly patterns will change a bit with the weather, some carry over from May and others are new to the offering.  We offer on our website every month on the ‘This Month’s Fly Box’ page a FREE , printable hatch chart that allows you to print an accurate chart of what bugs are hatching and what flies will match them.  It is area specific…..to our area and not just a general guide.  It was designed for our area.  To get the FREE printable hatch chart click here .

We are coming off a record wet May.  May saw rainfall totals all across the area, NC Mtns, SW and Central VA, and East TN all had a record May rainfall total.  Many areas set all time records for May, and a few set all time records period for any time of year.  Some areas have gotten upward of 20 inches of rain over the past month to six weeks.  That’s a lot of rain.  As of today the TN tailwaters have been sluicing to get rid of extra water as reservoirs have remained past the desired full pool level.  But things should settle down as we get into more of the afternoon,spotty, convective thunderstorm weather and less of the frontal system type of weather.

The last 3 days of May my wife Kathy and I did what I never do enough of…..a prime time in the season break and mini vacation.  We had stormy weather a good bit of the time including one thunderstorm that will go down as the heaviest and worst in terms of rain/wind/thunder & lightning that I can ever recall here.

 Friday night’s storm (5-27) we had just finished a nice dinner riverside grilling out on the deck when the storm came.  We got almost 5.5 inches of rain in 3 hrs.  River was as high as I ever remember seeing it.  Took a few pics of tiny Beaver Creek right next to Bristol Motor Speedway and it was out of its banks.

On 5-31 I had originally planned a guided float trip but TVA started sluicing overnight, up to 3200 on the Soho and 2800 on the Watauga, plus when you add the higher than normal flows from tribs there’s a lot of water right now, at least for a day or two or three.  So we are rescheduling.  A lot of smaller waters becoming fishable again though, and certainly some of the small, hike in, high elevation streams will be fishable as well.  Saturday 6-3 is the opening of the DH Harvest, that is all DH waters the regs allow for the keeping of up to 7 fish per angler.  Only anglers 15 and younger can fish and harvest fish til noon, after that all anglers can take part.  For details on DH waters opening to harvest click here .

Have some catch up time today in the office briefly doing some regular website updates, answering messages, you name it….the chore list that piles up while I am out so much on guide trips and which never gets quite totally finished up.  Never seem to have enough time …….especially in the middle of the busy season.

For Friday I have a guided Trip, Adam Norris, Will Johnson, Lewisville, NC, originally planned for floating the tailwaters, but we will be fishing the private water on Dunlap Creek in lieu of our float trip due to high sluicing flows.  On Saturday I have a guided Trip, Amanda McFatter, Greensboro, NC….We will fish based upon current conditions and provided no rain between now and then.

Booking now for remainder of summer and fall.  The summer float season is underway and the fishing is going to be great.  Dry fly delight….regardless of location.  This is the time of year we do a ton of dry fly fishing.  Small waters and tailwaters alike.  Also, our smallmouth fishing is excellent.  Don’t let the idea that hot weather quells fishing keep you from fishing……that’s total nonsense.  Some of our best fishing , as in most years, will happen under a blistering July or August sun.  Some of this is due to the fact that a lot of the smallmouth fishing we do and a great portion of the trout fishing we do are on dam regulated water….and they are not subject to the normal things heat can do to shut down fishing.  If anything, it makes them all the better. And not to mention the small streams that lie under a canopy of trees and vegetation…there are tons of those.   Don’t believe this?  Let me prove it to you!  Let’s go flyfishing!

Have a great one…


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