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Continued Wet….

Sat. May 27, 2017 ….That’s been the story for the past month.  And it continues, enough so that by the end of the month virtually all areas will have recorded the highest ever rainfall totals for the month of May. I can attest to that, as we have fished in it all month and have done surprisingly well for the most part despite it.  The sulphur hatch is in full swing on both tailwaters, and we’ve had some great days.  And it will go on until November.

 So if all this rain has got you down, or if the hot summer gets you down…..no worries.  I can put you into some fish regardless of either.  I’d say a majority of folks see May as ‘primetime’, as if June, July, August were non issues in terms of fishing.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  For floating or wading the morning and floating the afternoon, there’s no better time than June through August.  And don’t forget smallmouth.  The heat and normal summer issues are non-issues…..smallmouth fishing goes on without skipping a beat.

Our past week was a challenging one in some respects.   The past week I guided a group Trip, Joe Craig Group- – Joe Craig, Allen Peterson, Locke Clifford, Rusty Walker, Ron Davis, Tom Ross, and Bill Leinster, High Point, NC, TN /NC/VA waters, we spent the week doing some floating on the TN tailwaters and had rain everyday, heavy rains/flooding, storms, high winds, everyday, and we still put fish in the boat and the net (wading) despite the horrid conditions.

  We got a lot of surface activity even in the conditions, and I would argue that it often makes fish easy to catch.  That is certainly what we found.  Every day we floated the upper river we did well, landing some quality browns on sulphurs…both fishing them dry and swinging soft hackles.  So, if you are wondering if the rain squelches fishing the answer is a definitive ‘no.’

It rained almost 10 inches this week.  Many places were high and blown out all week and still, as of this morning 5/26/2017, still are.  We fished some small water as well on private land that yielded brookies, golden trout, rainbows, and browns up to 23″.

It was a great trip despite the weather, and a blast with a group of excellent and enjoyable guys, all of whom I gladly consider not just clients but friends.  Looks like more wet on the way, with chances of storms going up Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  Also, potentially could be looking at several inches more of rain.  My wife and I are off taking a rare in season break and mini vacation through May 30 and hopefully we’ll get to float and fish at least once if the storms don’t get us.

Have a great one…


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