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Looks Like More Wet Weather On the Way…

Mon. May 22, 2017…. Just preparing for our next group of anglers I will be hosting for the next 5 days. This group is from the Piedmont , NC including Greensboro and High Point and one from Asheville, NC. Joining me will be Joe Craig, Ron Davis, Allen Peterson, Rusty Walker, Locke Clifford, and Bill Leinster…all of whom I have guided for years and who I look forward to getting together with.

The guys and I have been doing this trip for over a decade. Caught a lot of great fish over the years, some of the largest I’ve had clients catch from the TN tailwaters. Some of the dry fly fish I dare say are probably some of the finest to be landed…. when you consider they are fish in the 24 to 28" range….wild browns no less. And on 6X and a tiny dry….that is a feat even few Western places can beat.

Looks like we have some major wet weather coming. We are in one of those patterns that come around once or twice in a decade. Really wet, one dry day, then really wet for several more. It’s good for the fish though.

While our main focus is the tailwaters Soho and Watauga we usually hit a few smaller waters….some NC and a private spring Creek in VA. With the anticipated rains of an inch to three or four inches we could have an interesting week. We can definitely float but our other options might be limited. Just wait and see.

But we will have a great time. That I am sure of.

Have a great one…


Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing
3703 Windspray Ct
Summer field, NC 27358

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