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Wet and Soggy….

Sun. May 14, 2017 ….Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there.  I had an unexpected Saturday off, plus a Friday off and was supposed to do a guided Trip , Tony Pugh, Asheboro, NC, NC Mtns,  I cancelled due to storms, high water, muddy conditions….a doozy. Widespread heavy rains and pretty much everything stirred up…..rode around for a look and took a lot of photos, did find a short stretch of a tiny NC creek that was somewhat clear and high, fished a couple hours late afternoon and caught 20 or so before more storms forced my hand to quit….and soon this was muddy too. Incredible, even the Soho was running red.

Unusual you ever see the Soho this full with zero generation but it was as high as it is when they are generating only they weren’t.  The high, dirty flows were strictly from runoff!  There were a lot of other waters like this too, the Doe, the Watauga, Doe Creek, Elk River, Cane River, Cane Creek, you name it.  A lot were running red.  Here are some pics of them….

Have a busy week coming up guiding Kevin O’ Conner from Alexandria, VA, and we’ll be doing one day on the private water at Dunlap Creek, then following that up with a float on the South Holston.  I have a wade trip on Wednesday with Dr Art Kriner in the NC Mtns, then end the week with two days of floating with Dr. George Hashisaki, Charlottesville, VA on the TN tailwaters.  Just like May usually is, here, moves quickly, and with the busyness is gone in a flash.  Should have lots of great reports though.

Have a great Mother’s Day and a great week coming up…

Tight Lines…


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