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May is Almost Here….

Sun. Apr. 30, 2017  Hard to believe that May is almost here.  Feels like the past two months we have alternated between summer and winter, some weird and wacky (or normal for here) weather.  Last week was really wet, like almost two months of rain in three days.  Enough so that we did not fish our last 7 trips until yesterday, Saturday Apr 29, when I did a float with Jim Kramer and his friend Camille.

We did a day float and put in around 9 or a little after…..it was a busy day boat wise as with all the high water and TVA running big flows (3000/three units) on the Watauga that meant a lot of extra boats on the South Holston.  Things were a little slow to start, we nailed a few on nymphs, Jim got a small rainbow on a streamer, we had several fish hooked that came off, a lot of missed strikes also.

We go into a few more fish, browns a little further down toward the end of the upper stretch above Hickory Tree, even a good bwo hatch but only saw one fish rise.  We had a couple hookups swinging wet flies, Camille landed a pretty nice brown doing that, and Jim got a couple on nymphs.  It was challenging, one fish here, one there, not a bunch in any one spot.

We also threw some gear as well and landed probably 15 fish doing that, including one brown in the 18 to 20″ range.  Probably landed between 20 and 25 fish and worked for every one of them.  They are running on the Soho 24/7 and our summer float fishing season is going to come early.  We saw a mega hatch of sulphurs and its building steadily and very soon (tomorrow perhaps this week?) it is going to be epic.

Another busy week coming up, I have trips booked everyday except Tuesday.  We have an ongoing project going through my mom and dads estate in Winston-Salem, NC and will be doing so at least a day a week for the foreseeable future.  Only time in the past decade I can think of having had two days off a week.  Feels weird.

Looks like more stormy weather coming for Monday then a cool down again.  The scoop is that we could be getting some more severe storms on Monday.   Of course, just in time for the last delayed harvest stocking til October.  All streams will get one last stocking of fish and that will be it until fall.  We have a great summer of fishing ahead of us.

Take care…


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