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Warm Weather, Good Fishing…

Fri. Apr. 14, 2017 ……Day two of our group trip went well and we had a good day, we were out early, early breakfast at the diner and then we were off. Things were a little quiet for the first hour or so then it picked up and we started catching fish steadily. Saw a good many bugs but not many fish taking interest in the first sulphurs of the season just yet, at least not where we were. That will change…but we stuck with what works and that is the midge game.

Lots of fish on midge patterns and small bwos, we got into fish pretty regularly and by lunchtime or shortly thereafter the guys had landed probably 40 to 50 fish with Ted Birke’s 21 inch brown being the best fish of the first part of the day. We fished through the one morning pulse and about 130pm took a short break for lunch. We then went downriver and did some carpin’ for a while, a few lookers but no takers, as we had had two of those beasts on yesterday but couldn’t score today.

It was warm, low 80s, certainly warm for mid April. After some carping, we drove back upriver and spent the evening fishing near the house and did pretty well, landing probably 10 more fish, several of which were quality 15 to 17″ rocket rainbows, and the best fish of the day, Pat Burney’s 22 inch brown.

We had a fish on that appeared to be in the 24 to 26″ range but the fish broke off after a couple long runs and a spirited fight. We finished up around dusk and headed back to have dinner. Great day….a lot of fish caught even though not much dry fly action to speak of.

Headed out in a bit to grab breakfast with the group and then we’ll be off for another day of fishing.  Will post more later today.

Happy Good Friday to you…….tight lines…


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