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Summerlike …

Thurs. Apr. 13, 2017 ….In one word that is how I’d characterize the last few days and the days to come.  From cold/snow to upper 70s /low 80s.  That will push things along quickly….and that is exactly what is happening.  We have gone from winter to summer .  Again.

Seeing lots of bugs on all waters and particularly on the tailwaters where I have been and will be for several days.  Warm temps and minimal releases has brought on sulphurs…lots of them.  I am doing a 4 day trip right now with  Dr Hy Muss and Hy’s son Jonathan, Chapel Hill, Dr Ken Karb, Greensboro, NC, Ted Birke , MS, Ben Karb, Charlotte, NC, Dr Pat Burney, Greensboro, NC.  Our time will be spent on the South Holston and Watauga.

On 4-12 lots of sulphurs, a few rising fish, lot of fish on nymphs, including a 23.5″ brown that was the best of the day.  All the guys made it in safely too, which was fantastic.  Fishing red hot right now…..going to be a great kick off to the best dry fly season we have.  Looking good too…

Getting ready to head out to take the group to breakfast.  Burning daylight soon, and looking forward to a great day on the water.  More to come…

Enjoy your Thursday, I hope its on the water somewhere.

Tight Lines…


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