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Tues. Apr. 10, 2017 ….Great start to the week and all is good, the weather and fishing couldn’t be better.  I started the week with a guided trip with Will Johnson from Winston-Salem, NC, and  Phil Atkins, Austin, TX, and we fished a NC water.   I knew in advance we’d have great fishing today, as I indicated in some of my reports after all the high water….fishing is always good around here following a really wet spell.

First, the flows improve and the fish get some extra food I’m sure…..they get a rest too as while the water is really up the fishing pressure virtually disappears.  That is particularly the case with the several back to back weather events we had.  So, they get a good rest and the first few fishable days after weather is usually epic.  It was cold early but would end up being the most perfect of days with temps in the upper 6os /low 70s, zero humidity, and sunshine.  About as pleasant a day as you could ask for.

  I met Phil and Will early and we were on the water well before 8am, and we were into fish right away…..literally from the first few casts.  It was great, a fair number of bugs coming up but the water was still up where we were, so no risers or dry fly fishing.  No cause for concern though, we got great nymph fishing.  Using the usual assortment of bugs with a few new ones thrown in we did very well.  We landed probably 30 or so before lunch fishing about an eighth of a mile of river.  Lots of weight, big indis, two flies….get it down or go home.  We got it down, so we did pretty well.  We caught a mix of browns, brookies and rainbows but predominantly rainbows.  Most fish were up to the 12 to 13 inch mark.

We took a lunch break about 1pm and then hiked down into a favorite gorge like stretch and did excellent there too, nailing a ton of fish and Will starting off part 2 of our day with a nice citation rainbow that ate one of my golden stoneflies.  We caught probably 20 fish in that little stretch, then worked our way down a short section and Phil ended our fishing there with five more fish, all rainbows.

We hiked back to my truck , then headed to one last stretch to finish our day.  We landed probably a dozen to 15 more fish there, many nice solid rainbows and Phil’s citation rainbow, his best of the day, that was about 18 inches.  Phil ended up landing double digits there, a favorite spot I often like to end the day on as its shaded water and with a high bright sun our shadows as anglers don’t go over the water we are fishing…as often happens late in the day with the sun at your back.

Will landed the last fish, a solid rainbow on a sucker spawn fly, and that ended our day with the sun setting behind us.  Great day, two great guys to spend it with.  I can see now ‘Fishing is On Fire” will be a frequent mantra.  Prime time folks.  We have great fishing ahead and our summer will be great.

Our April calendar has been full for some time and our May will soon be as well as I have only 3 days still open.  June through Sept we have openings but they will start to fill quickly.   Summers are great for our floats and float/wade trips.  I do the TN tailwaters and we both float and wade , and also do summer smallmouth ….these two options are not plan ‘B’s….or as some may suspect ….’second fiddle’ in comparison to our winter , spring , and fall trips.  June through Sept is our BEST dry fly fishing, both high and low water on the tailwaters.

April and May are good but if you see them as best and write off June through Fall you will MISS fishing that is as good as April and May if not better.  I’ll say that again…. June through Sept is our BEST dry fly fishing, both high and low water on the tailwaters.  April and May are good but if you see them as best and write off June through Fall you will MISS fishing that is as good as April and May if not better.  And the smallmouth fishing, well, simply put fishing is great from June through Oct.

Some of our best smallmouth action is in the blistering hot weather of August and September.  The absolute best fishing for smallmouth on top is during hot, dry, low water conditions.  It can’t get too much that way and hinder the smallmouth fishing.  It only makes it better.

Have a busy week coming up, in today to take care of office stuff plus other stuff.  Also getting ready for Wednesday through Saturday trips, will be doing four days on the tailwaters with Dr Ken Karb, Dr Pat Burney, Dr Hy Muss, Ted Birke, and Ben Karb.  Should be great, will have lots of reports…

Have a great one, get out and enjoy a week of great weather…


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