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Fri. Mar. 24, 2017 …. A busy several days with daylight to dark travel and trips, just coming off a pretty good 2 1/2 day trip to the NW NC Mtns where the fishing has been good and continues to be so.  Did a group trip over the past three days with a couple of regular clients Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC, and Peter Valenti, New York, NY, and Peter’s friend Lloyd Allen, who is from Pinehurst, NC.

It was Lloyd’s beginning with fly fishing and he did quite well.  On the first day one of the first fish he landed was a 21″ rainbow, best one of the day.  Unfortunately I got my phone wet and am still trying to extract photos from it but so far no success.  Actually, all the guys did well and it was a good trip with some better than expected weather and a lot of fish caught.  I’d say total the two full days the guys put somewhere around or beyond 250 fish in the net.  And a good mix of browns, brookies, and rainbows plus a sucker or two, which aren’t trash fish but also fun to catch.

 On Wednesday we fished two waters, and the first place we fished was on the Watauga Gorge area, and did very well. It was cold/chilly to start but not as much so as forecast, and breezy, but also not as windy as it could have been. Other than a few light showers Tues morning, the rain and storms that were forecast never happened. We got a dry front and we had great fishing.

We landed total between 40 and 50 fish, and Lloyd had the large fish with a 21″ rainbow. We got a number of brookies and rainbows, and a good many real quality fish. The caddis that had been so prevalent were squelched by the weather change, at least that is what I guessed. We didn’t get any dry fly activity , it was all nymphing. Sucker spawn patterns continue to work with a small nymph trailing or as a dropper. We fished til around 1:30pm and had lunch streamside, then headed over to fish the upper New.

Did well there too, scoring another 50 or so including a 20 in brown landed by Ted, and many quality rainbows in the 14 to 16 inch range. Not many caddis here either, nothing like the blanket hatches of the past few weeks. But we still did well nymphing, and even finished up with Ted nailing a couple rainbows on dries. Great day, we quit around dusk and it was getting cold! Lows supposed to be in the 20sF…its spring right?

On day two of our two day trip, we were up and out bright and early and fished 2 different waters, we fished the first one near McCann in Alleghany County and did very well, it was really cold, like mid 20sF, and heavy frost, and remained pretty chilly the whole time we were there.

We tallied probably 50 fish there as well, catching the usual mix of rainbows and brookies but also a few wild browns to the mix, and one of the browns was in the 15″ range , and also had one of the guys land a large brook trout of 16 inches.

We fished mostly double rigs, sucker spawns as they have worked everywhere, and an assortment of small nymph patterns…..a regular hares ear was working great. We stopped to have lunch about 1230pm and then make the short jaunt to Surry Co where we finished up the day.

Landed probably another 50 fish there, a mix of rainbows and brookies. Great two days of fishing…..we need some rain in the worst kind of way! But still great fishing, and with the coming mild up, we should get some dry fly fishing because the water temps in a lot of our lower elevation streams is reaching that magic 50F mark.  One thing is fairly certain, good dry fly fishing, or at least greatly improved dry fly fishing, will be ever present every day from this point on.

Had a trip scheduled for today 3-24-2017 but had a last minute cancellation, so we are taking the time today and tomorrow 3-25-2017 to continue on a lot of work we are doing to my moms’ home as we are in the process of beginning to settle her estate.  So looks like two days of that for Jeff, and hopefully we’ll get some rain as the weather folks are calling for it.  We sure need it.

Have a great weekend….


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