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Brrrrrrrrr……..Winter is Back For a Few Days…

Fri. Mar 10, 2017  Winter came back late last night with a vengeance.  I did a guided trip with Wesley and Susan Gormus, Lynchburg, VA, on Dunlap Cr, and I met Wes and Susan early /mid morning and we suited up…it had been raining and the river was running about 115cfs which was perfect….it was cloudy to start with drizzle and with an incoming powerful cold front we got high winds and snow the rest of the day…on and off.

Hard to believe we were fishing yesterday in 65F weather and sunny skies tossing dries and today in the 20s/30sF and shivering.  The fish didn’t mind here though, we started with nymph rigs and did very well.  It was Susan’s first day fly fishing, and going from never have fly fished to catching a fish took every bit of a minute and a half.

Then a second fish, then a third fish, then a fourth.  I think she landed 4 or 5 nice fish in the first 10 minutes.  All rainbows, all quality fish in the 16 to 20″ range.  We used a lot of junk patterns and rubberleg nymphs, did well on them too.  Wes was below us hooking up repeatedly as well.  There were several times we had doubles.

We fished about a quarter mile of river, hitting my favorite spots, and catching a good many fish in each.  Had one fish on that looked to be in the 28 to 30″ range but it came off within feet of the net….Susan had caught it.  We fished through some really high winds, like gusts to 30 and 40mph, which made it hard to even get the line on the water….but as I told Susan and Wes “the wind is your friend”.

What I mean/meant by that is that too many people quit when the wind gets up, and fail to understand that the wind puts a chop on the surface , and ripples the surface, and if you are nymphing with an indicator the wind chop simply ‘jigs’ or ‘twitches’ your fly for you…..micro twitches I call them…and it drives the fish nuts.  So while others are sitting at home in the easy chair, or in the truck waiting for the wind to die down, or lamenting it…..we are catching fish.

I welcome wind because I’ve learned to use it against the fish.  We took a short lunch break around 2pm , then headed for another stretch of river and it was even better than our morning fishing.  Several fish over 20″, and several double hook ups ….it was awesome.  And at times it was so windy and rough you’d have though even making a cast was impossible.

Just get it on the water, keep the rod low and line on the water, and concentrate on getting a drift…..with that we were in fish the whole time.  We finally quit about 530pm and it was bitterly cold.  Wind never died down, and the temps were plummeting.  But an awesome day it was, and we landed north of 60 fish….and Susan probably landed 25 or so.  I’d say that’s pretty good for a first day of fly fishing…not to mention they were all 16 to 22″ fish.  All rainbows.

I will be finishing up a week in which we have fished all over.  Its been a good week for sure, we’ve put a LOT of fish in the net this week and in all types of conditions.  I will be guiding two regular clients tomorrow/Saturday and I expect we’ll do pretty well.  The weather is cold for sure, and will be even colder in the morning but we should be fine.  Looks like a late winter snowstorm is riding in for the weekend.  How much?  Some, maybe 1 to 4 inches.  All of that is still up in the air.  But one thing is for certain, temps are perfect for it.

Have a great weekend!


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2 responses

  1. Yeah it went from upper 60’s here with all snow gone in February and now you guys are sending a nor’easter our way with a foot of snow, fierce winds and temperatures in the single digits! Why don’t you send the big trout up while you’re at it? 😋

    March 11, 2017 at 1:00 pm

    • will see what we can do about that

      March 19, 2017 at 2:34 pm

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