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Great Week, Mild Weather Has Continued…

Fri. Feb. 24, 2017… As I had stated earlier the season of 15 to 18hr days is upon us……up early at 4 or 430am, packing lunches, organizing, picking up clients, then hitting the river for a solid day of catching fish….we’ve had that 8 of the last 9 days.  No doubt the weather has ramped things up, even though I am hoping for a cooldown to more seasonable temps and definitely hoping for more rain.  All in all though its been a superb week.  Lots of fish caught.  Our last two days have been really good…


Wednesday 2/22 I guided two new clients Billie & Karen Diggs, Durham, NC, and I met up with in Ashe County and we fished two waters, had cloudy skies then rain that set in….or in other words, ideal conditions, it was on from the start.  We did very well, and did well nymphing some deep holes and runs.  The rain set in and was pretty steady, not to mention about 20 degrees cooler than past several days  with temps in the 40s.


The kind of day we need right now, not the nice, warm 70 degree weather we’ve been having.  We did well on attractors (mop fly did well), zebras, small black stones, and my cadillac caddis.  The first spot was pretty awesome we must have caught 20 or so from it it was great, and missed several others.  We fished our way up and had similar results, I guess netting between 30 and 40 or so.  We fished two waters, caught a couple on the second stream we fished.  It rained on us all day long, meaning a truck bed load of wet gear…but I’ll take it.  Fishing was great, and will only get better.


On Thursday 2/23 I guided Curtis Reeves Group, Archdale, NC, NC Mtns, and did a 3 person trip with Curtis, who is a regular client of mine , and two of his co workers Drs Dipendra Chaudhary and Shanker Polsani, we met early and hit the water by 8am, great day, cool and foggy gave way to beautiful sunny skies and warm temps, about as ideal a day as far as temps you could get.  The water was up but clear which made for good nymphing.



Curtis is a great angler, one of the several I have the privilege of spending a day with.  He did pretty well fishing the long rod, a 10 foot euro/french nymphing rig and caught a lot of fish with that.  Dipendra and Shanker were getting started fly fishing.  After explaining rigging, casting, line management we hit the water.  It only took a few minutes to get a score, we were into fish pretty quickly and both of the guys landed their first trout ever.  It was one of what would be many on the day, the guys did great.





We caught a lot of fish on Y2Ks and small caddis nymphs, rockrollers and netbuilders, small dark caddis which are hatching where we fished.  We landed about 30 t0 35 fish or so, took a lunch break early afternoon, and Dipendra and Shanker left about 2:30pm.   I then took Curtis to another water, where we caught one small rainbow, so we returned to where we had been earlier and caught a few more and called it a day around 530pm.  Great day….weather is unbelievable.  Don’t recall ever seeing stuff blooming this early, even around here.


With the warmer weather a lot of bugs have been coming off, will continue to do so, and the only setbacks are going to be when a cold front or blustery weather comes along.  That will happen, but as I see it, spring is here.  No doubt with this weather some serious dry fly fishing lies ahead.  And if not, nymphing will be great.  Spring time is when there’s more food in the river and drifting, as all of the bugs that will eventually be hatching are still there or mostly there.  All in all….great fishing lies ahead.  And we’ll be right in it.

Have a great weekend….


Posted from the heart of Appalachia…..




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