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Warm Weather Continues. .

Tues. Feb. 21, 2017 Grest day on Monday 4,/20 guiding Larry Tomar, Ben Keller, Pleasant Garden, NC, NC Mtns, we fished two Surry Co waters, and the weather was sunny and 70sF, it actually felt hot. We got an early start to beat the other anglers to the water, which we did, and fishing was tough. We fished hard and started to get into some mid morning….a blue winged olive spinner fall, plus lots of black stones brought some fish up to the surface. We scored maybe 8 fish before lunch, and worked for everyone of them…the best fish at our first stop was a nice brown landed by Larry. We took a lunch break, I surveyed the area and thought with several other anglers on the water we’d best hit our next spot. We drove to a different stream and did very well there, landing over 35 rainbows to end up making it a pretty good day. Great weather, though its unseasonable, and for every nice day early we get a few down the road to make up for it that will be not so great. Water levels are dropping fast, making small flies the fare for the day, especially my Purple Back Baetis nymph…..except for the several we caught on my mop patterns. But a great day,

Headed out today to guide Ron Davis and his son Shapley and we are looking forward to amother good day.

Tight lines. …


Jeff Wilkins FlyFishing
3703 Windspray Ct
Summerfield, NC 27358

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