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Good Weather

Mon. Feb 20, 2017….Trip, Travis Leatherman, Statesville, NC, NC Mtns, it was Travis and a co-worker Garrett, and we got an early start and were in the water at sunup, which would prove to be a good move on the water we fished in Mitchell and McDowell counties, as on the first few nice Saturdays in late winter and spring you can expect other folks on the water. Would prove to be a good move, we nymphed most of the day sans a few dry fly moments here and there, and caught most of our fish on one of our mop patterns , a version I call a BRB , short for “Blue Ridge Banana” , it was killer, and the usual assortment of midge droppers, both brown and black, zebras, and usually this time of year you can hardly go wrong with either. Water is low and clear, even with all the rain and snow, and we need some rain soon. LOTS! Doesn’t take too many warm, dry , unseasonable days to get into this situation, where we are now in. Part of it is without leaves on the trees yet any warm, dry weather dries things out quickly. We fished through several stretches and caught all rainbows, 40 or so of them. We didn’t get into a lot of fish at any particular place but would pick up one here , two there, maybe 5 or 6 at better spots. All in all a pretty good day on any water, a 40 fish day anywhere in February is a good day. A 40 fish day anywhere anytime is a good day regardless. We got some light rain at the end of the day and ended the day on one last stretch that produced 8 fish, and again, all rainbows.

Headed out to do it again today guiding Larry Tomar and Ben Keller. Shouldbe a good day. …..

Tight lines. ..


Jeff Wilkins FlyFishing
3703 Windspray Ct
Summerfield, NC 27358

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