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One South Holston Access Point in Jeopardy…..

Mon. Feb. 13, 2017 ….

Pursuit Farms Access on the upper South Holston River

The Issue

The issue is that a longtime river access (camping, parking, wade fishing spot, private boat ramp) that has always been available to the public and operated by Victoria Mottern is being threatened. There’s never been a problem with this but it threatens one of our most valuable river accesses, and also eliminates Victoria’s ability to earn income. Her dad in his passing left her this property, and the property and its income earning potential is all she has, and being a father myself, I’d get pretty ripped over anyone threatening to do any harm to her in anyway, let alone this. It grates me in the worst kind of way.


Let me state, I usually never involve myself in a dispute like this or of any kind but this I cannot sit idly by and say or do nothing. What is happening here is WRONG. Customers and I use this resource a lot, and I will fight for it and I am obligated to my customers to do so. I knew Victoria’s dad, Jud, for years parked there, decades before any parties causing a current problem were even in the area. So in other words, if anyone has a right to do what they do on the said property its Victoria.


You and I both stand to lose an access point if we do nothing. I will continue to fish the area regardless, and we float it all the time, so I will always use that part of the river but it would no longer be a park and wade access point. So if you feel so inclined to join in standing against this, read on.


So rather than ramble further, here are Victoria’s words on the matter:

“I have been informed that Pursuit Farms is in a A-1 zone and needs to be changed to a AR zone. I am no longer allowed to let anyone camp or park at Pursuit Farms until the zoning is approved by the Sullivan County Board. I need your support to encourage their decision to approve my request! As you all know my father, Judson (Juddy) Mottern, started this business within the heart of friendships he grew with so many individuals. He started allowing campers and fishermen to come on the property 10+ years ago. My father passed away December 22nd 2011 leaving me with the property and growing business. His dreams, prayers, and many conversations were for me (Victoria) to have a future and career within this farm. He wanted nothing more than me to be successful. We have never had any problems or “neighborly complaints” from anyone so this is a first for me. If this request is denied than Pursuit Farms will be closed and will no longer be allowed camping or parking. My future with Pursuit Farms will be demolished and my dreams will be crushed. I ask you as Judson Mottern’s friend, my friend, my family, my neighbor, loyal customers, fly fishermen, family campers, guide services, fly shops, and all others, please sign this petition to keep Pursuit Farms open! Thank you for taking time to read this, and thank you so much for the support!


CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW THE SITUATION AND PURSUIT FARMS on the Pursuit Farms webpage/facebook page.

Thanks for taking time to read this and please join me in the fight by signing the petition.  Its the first step in insuring this access point is available for years to come and that Victoria can continue to have a job.

Thanks again,


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