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Return to Winter….(Yay!…)

Thurs. Jan. 26, 2017  Just can’t hide my excitement, yes winter is returning.  In my opinion, the fishing will be good…better than it has been.  It just isn’t normal to have 70F plus temps in January.  Can’t remember the last time we had this many warm days right after zero degree weather and heavy snow.  Weird.

I had a trip planned for muskies with  Jim Noble, Charlotte, NC, and JP Grice, Charlotte, NC, on Va’s New R going after some musky,  but with all the rain, melting snow, and saturated ground river conditions were blown out.  Flows went from an ideal 3000cfs  up to 6500 then to 12,500cfs and a river rise of over 7 feet. Whew……We decided to pull the plug on it, probably best as not only was the water not in good shape for a musky float I have been fighting a flu bug that will not relent and am still not up to speed.


Today , Thurs 1-26 is the last nice day for a while, looks like a return to more seasonable weather….windy, cooler, and some snow chances for the mtns coming up over the next few days.   These are the types of things that where snow can pile up over a number of days. They are NW flow snow showers, which can be pretty vigorous.   Sometimes when I am in and putting in computer time I come across some great videos…I’ll share.  Here is a pretty neat video if you have not seen it….

Small streams are shaping up again after some really high water since Sunday.  We got between 2 and 4 inches of rain and pretty much the only fishing in the immediate area has been on the tailwaters Watauga and South Holston.  On the Wag’ they continue to sluice a constant 150 to 160 cfs which is ideal for midges, blue wings, and small black stones.  The warm temps quelled much of the stonefly activity but I expect that will change.  The midges and blue winged olives continue to come off, and I’ve done well there with clients on their imitations as well as small dark caddis patterns.  The Soho is or will be floating for a while, due to the runoff from recent rains making it to the lake.  15 to 20 hr a day generation the norm right now on the Soho, and that will continue until they get rid of the water.  But that means great floating and I’ll be doing a float tomorrow with a client David Horky from Greensboro, NC.  Should be a great day.

Have a great one…..tight lines!


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