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Chilly , Fall is Here…..

Tues. Sept. 22, 2015 –  Yesterday was so fall like, added an extra layer in the morning…..enjoying the heck out of some new SIMMS stuff….the Fall run jacket is incredible.  Felt really good this morning too, it was in the upper 50s when we put in and breezy.  A cool day, and with the ridges around the river showing color, I’d say for the most part that fall has arrived.

On Tuesday I did a float trip with Gloria & Ken Okorn, Mechanicsburg, PA, a New R Va Smallmouth float, Ken is also a guide in PA and has become one of my best clients and friends.  His knowledge is vast….I learn much from him when I get to spend some time with him.  We put in early and floated a 7 mile (approx) stretch of river and while it was slow to get going we caught a few early, one here, one there, just enough to keep it interesting.

Gloria nailed a good fish just above the first major set of rapids, in the tailout where smallmouths so often love to hold.  We fished through, saw a huge musky and took a few shots at him but he didn’t stick around after showing a slight bit of interest.   Gone.  I have seen that fish (reasonably sure its the same fish) for months now when occasionally float this longer stretch of water.  A rematch vs him will occur I assure you.


We fished our way downriver, caught a nice fish or too on a popper, then moved past some more rapids where I thought we’d do well.  It was chilly, windy (temps in high 50s to start, struggling to make 60 by afternoon, a real change) and it wasn’t till half way through the float where things started to pick up.  We did well in one spot, a deep ledge/channel and nailed many fish there.  We went from 10 fish or so to about three dozen in short order.


Our last stretch was good, we caught maybe fifteen more and several the best fish of the day, and lost a couple of really nice fish that came off just before reaching the boat.  We didn’t catch any pigs today, but several up to 14″ or so and maybe between 40 and 50 total I guess so a good day.  Always a pleasure to spend the day with Gloria and Ken.


Have a busy weeks end with several guided trips, and then next week we will be making ready for a busy fall schedule as our local NC waters/delayed harvest waters will be stocked for the first time.  Many have voiced the concern that low water might present a problem for stocking but if that is the case we’ll be right in the know on it and will be fishing regardless.  Its cooled off a lot, and we have had some rain and are expecting more in the coming days so all looks good.


Here’s one of our past clips re- living September ……such a great time to target these brown bass…….they are incredible and I love them as much as my brown trout….


Have a great one…..good fishing…!


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New River smallmouth appetizer……..a large black swampfly (dragon fly or Anisoptera)….that visited us and hung out for a spell on my left driftboat oar…..  Jeff Wilkins photo Sept 2015


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