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Fallie Smallie…….

Thurs. Sept. 17, 2015 – Feels great outside, what glorious weather we’ve been having.  A busy week, did another trip yesterday with Larry Tomar, Frank Kincaid, Greensboro, NC, New R smallmouth float trip, we did a 7 mile all day float morning til dark……did ok and caught fish on both flies and light tackle. The Shenk’s Minnow patterns I’ve been using have worked well and continue to do so, we caught a few on crayfish patterns too.


First half of the float we had numerous sight fishing opportunities, and caught some pretty good ones and saw some too, along with several huge musky….we didn’t fish for muskies but will be soon as the cooler fall temps have them definitely on the move. We saw probably 4 or 5 of them in the upper half of our float. We fished topwater too and caught a few fish that way as well, particularly late in the day.


Flows are really low and the water is ultra clear, about as clear as you will ever see on the New R…….with no significant rain in the forecast that is likely to continue. We hope to be able to eek out the remaining smallmouth floats we have on the calendar and then hope for some rain. We need RAIN!!!!!!! Great day, great weather day, guess we caught between 40 and 50 I’d say…..Frank and Larry were a blast to spend the day with.  Looks like fall……feels like fall……and it will be here soon!

Here is a graphic on the upcoming leaf season/fall foilage report.  This was put together by the Dept of Biology at Appalachian State.  You can check out the details here and get the full scoop.


Have a busy week’s end coming will be doing a guided trip with Dan, Ben, and Ken Karb tommorrow on TN’s South Holston river.  Looks to be a great weather day.  Sulphurs still here and there, fall Olives are building, and there’s still some great midge fishing and fishing to bank sippers with terrestrials.  We plan to be right in the middle of that tommorrow.  And looks like some rain coming too for Sunday through Tuesday….we need it.  Any amount, we’ll take it.  And hope for more!

Good Fishing to You…


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