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Feels Like Fall………

Wed. Sept. 16, 2015 …..With the cooler temps and nights I’d definitely say we’ve taken a huge step toward fall.  Its Wyoming and Montana weather at its finest….nippy in the morning requiring a jacket but by late morning you are peeling off the stuff….and by afternoon you are fishing in a shirt or short sleeves and enjoying temps in the upper 70s and almost no humidity.  The humidity has been virtually non-existent…..its been great.

I’ve had a busy week so far, taking care of a lot of stuff in prep for our busy fall and winter seasons, but I did a guided trip with a regular client of mine, Ted Linczak, of Summerville, SC.  We did a New R Smallmouth float trip, we put in and it was chilly…..brrrrrr…..fall is in the air.  Lows in the low to mid 40s will wake you up for sure.  We were in the water around 930am or so and while it was not as easy fishing as past trips we started down a favorite bank and were into fish, in fact, the fishing to start would prove to be the easiest fishing of our day.  We caught fish pretty regularly, including a few good ones, all of them on a Shenk’s White streamer, a favorite late summer /fall streamer that works on bass and trout alike.  Its tantalizing wobble drives them nuts, I guess.  We caught maybe a dozen or so in the first spot, saw two smallmouth that were well over 20″ but they would not eat.  We also saw some musky……that gets the heart beating pretty good for sure.


We fished some areas of grass too and while we saw fish we didn’t catch any in the grass like we had on previous trips.  The fish were very spooky for sure.  Saw a few more large ones but they were quite spooky and would not eat.  We blew through some of the rapids and went on to slower /deeper water where we were on more fish.  We would catch one here, one there, get a couple of hits, and so on.  We caught fish but we really worked hard for them.  We hit a couple of stretches where we got a few topwater bites, and ended up catching several fish on top, including probably the best one of the day, toward the end of the float.  I guess we boated maybe three dozen total, including a couple redeyes and redbreast.   Great day , always is with Ted, we had a good time, enjoyed the weather too.  What  a nice day……and the leaves are really beginning to turn as well……it will be Fall before we know it.

Had a busy Wednesday finishing up some of our extensive web site maintenance as well as some of the rebuild of our shopping cart.  Very tedious, but its coming along great.  I’ll be doing a Thursday float trip with Larry Tomar and Dr Frank Kincaid.  Looks like we’ll have a near perfect weather day and hopefully some great fishing to go along with it.  I’ll round out the week with a TN trip to the South Holston with Dan and Ben Karb, and their dad Ken.

Have a great evening!


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