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Flows Settling Down, Fishing Has Been Consistently Good….

Tues. Apr. 28, 2015…..Its Spring even though the past few days have felt very chilly , unseasonably so.  But we’ve had a couple nice days, cool and dry with sunny skies.  And all the flooding and high water from last week has settled down and while a few larger waters are still way up they are clear enough to call them fishable.  Very fishable.  Generally too, the smaller the water right now, the lower and clearer it is.  But flows are great, and as we get into warmer weather it will be good to have good flows.


On Monday I did a guided Trip guiding  Dr Art Kriner, Greensboro, and his son-in-law Dave Wiebking, Kernersville, NC,  I guided them on Wilson Creek Gorge/Pisgah Gamelands, great weather day, we covered lots of water and surprisingly the water was still quite high, above what I would have expected since its been several days since the flooding of Sunday and Monday.


We did pretty well, not much in the way of dry fly fishing or rising fish, that mostly due to the water level, because there were bugs coming off and the water temp is in the low 50s…or in other words perfect. We had a good day, landing a 35 fish mix of rainbows and brookies. A handful of my new dead squirrel patterns and fished in tandem with a small rubberleg Copper Prince Beadhead did the trick for 90% of the fish. Quite simply, my dead squirrel jiggy fly killed them.


We fished til late afternoon and then called it a day. A good many anglers on the water, the weather was gorgeous and I am sure that was why. It was very breezy with northwest winds of 25 to 30 much of the day…..as it normally will be after a cold front pushes through. Art and Dave were a delight to spend a day with as always.


Just completed another trip video, this video clip has a number of clips from Monday’s trip.  Click here  or view below.  Some of the clearest water and prettiest scenery in the mountains.  I have fished this area for over 30 years and guided for almost that long.




Have had a very busy month, a ton of redos and reschedules from last month with trips.  The weather has wreaked havoc with the schedule for sure, and May is totally booked at this point and June is headed that way.  Have also been very busy finishing up a huge pile of fly orders….busy doesn’t begin to describe it.  Have a busy weeks’ end coming up, will be guiding Bob & Judy Zirt, Lexington, NC, Ted Linczak, Charleston, SC, and Saturday Dr Jeff Hutchison, Columbus, OH.  Should be some great weather too…..I can’t wait.


Have a great evening……Tight Lines….



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There are two fish on the bottom here in about 8ft of water….they are slightly below center in the photo, with another nice fish slightly higher and near the right edge.  Can you find them?


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