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From Busy to Busy Beyond Belief….

Tues. Mar.17, 2015….Happy Saint Patrick’s Day….at least the water was green today and not brown.  Been really busy the past week, hard to keep up with reports.  Have had some huge fly orders to wrap up, flies to tie for some upcoming guided trips….. and also to prepare for the rest of March which is going to be incredibly busy.  This past week did some floats plus a half day lake trip, we did pretty well, the water around here in our local lakes is about 45 to 48F, and all are still very off color, to even muddy in some respects, depending upon location and location on each lake, as one end might vary from the other a bit. But fish have begun to move shallow, we caught fish on a variety of jiggy flies…..a mix of about 15 to 20 yellow perch ….”Coontails” as they are called and as local ‘southern’ vernacular would dictate, several bluegills, and several bass. I’d guess about 30 fish in all. Some fish are shallow but not as much as they will be…..caught a lot of fish down to about 16ft….some as shallow as 6 feet. The warm temps are making a difference, and very soon the yellow perch spawn will be done and crappie will be in full swing with bass to follow. Perch spawn in 45 to 50F water and crappie in 50 to 55F water and bass somewhere around 62 to 64F.   In any case, the local warmwater fishing is moving along as it should.



Did a Saturday guided Trip, Tom & Levi Gates, Winston-Salem, NC, NC Mtns, we were in for some heavy rains, met Tom and his 11yr old son Levi bright and early as we expected rain and they were calling for heavy rain so thoughts were to get an early start ahead of the heaviest of the rain which did indeed arrive mid afternoon. I mentioned to the guys when it started raining, “if it rains like this if won’t take more than an hour to get the river dirty.”  And so it was.  (Levi pictured below with one of his fish).



That was about 1pm……an hour and ten minutes later the river started changing color. Slowly at first, then dramatically. By the time we’d quit it had risen a foot and was blown out. We fished til 4pm, even catching some fish in the mud. In fact, the fish of the day came around 4pm and the river was both high and muddy proving YES what I have always preached and believed…..some fish do eat when its like this. This was the guys’ first time fly fishing, they landed btween 12 and 15 I guess , counting some fumbles at net, and one fish was a 20″ plus citation rainbow landed by Tom. But a good day despite being in rain 80% of the time. But today was the day they had to do it so we made the best of it. By the time we quit a majority of waters both where we were were very muddy or high and blown out. Here is a pic of Tom and his rainbow….


Had to cancel a Monday float, but on Tuesday did a guided Trip, Dr Ken Karb, Greensboro, NC, Dr Hy Muss, Chapel Hill, NC, NC Mtns, a warm day and quite windy, expected to see bugs and we did, plenty of caddis flying but still none of our early mayflies yet even though I measured the water temp at 54F. That’s up 20F from a week ago. We didn’t see any risers at all, which was a little suprising, but not unusual as we have had cool weather up til now and the water was still up where we were as in a lot of places.



Hy and Ken put about 35 to 40 fish in the net today, a mix of rainbows and brookies, and we had a brown that was a two footer come off within a rod length of the net. A huge fish, tremendous girth, and a wide square tail that looked like it was larger than my hand. We fished a full day, and it was actually hot at times when the sun poked through, but we had enough clouds here and there to keep it pretty pleasant. First time all year I’ve started the day in a short sleeve casting shirt and finished the day the same way. It was that warm, even at 9am.

20150310_114720A busy end to the week, will be guiding a Wednesday trip with Ron Zambor, Winston-Salem, NC, then Wesley and Eli Gormus, VA, we’ll be at Escatawba Farms on Thursday with those guys, and on some NC mtn waters guiding Patrick McDaid, Greensboro, NC, on Saturday.  A busy week for sure, and our 70s and 80s are going back to 30s and 40s.  But that’s okay, it had gotten too warm too soon so I’m ok with whatever we have.

Have a great evening……Tight Lines….


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