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Saturday Mar 6, 2015…. Weather is phenomenal out, looks like a mild week coming up and some rain.  But all good.  Will fishing be lights out?  Probably.  Highly likely.   Everything is lining up as it should…..I wrote on 3/3 these exact words in the daily report…. ” busy day, wrapping up some fly orders, also have been on the water…..we are looking over the edge of the abyss into some  unbelievablyphenomenaloutstandingepicgreatfantasticoutlandishlygoodfishing.  How’s that for a word?  Are we due?  Emphatically yes.  Will it come?  Indeed it will.  And we’ll be there!”


Well, I don’t know if the above word that is far too long and not found in any dictionary but it deserves to be recognized as a word…. one thing is true, it was meant to convey excellent fishing we were on the edge of.  Yesterday Jeff Hutchison , my client for the day from Columbus, OH and I got into just that.  Epic.  Would sound like a fishing story.  Or worse, a lie.  But it isn’t, we enjoyed fishing that was indeed off the charts.


Long overdue, “just reward” for the weather and conditions we have had.  And to boot, the conditions weren’t all that great, we fished two waters, one was very high and clear, the other was bank full and barely low and clear enough to consider it fishable, but I’ve fished these waters for some time, and what will soon be almost 4 decades.  Im getting old.  But we covered spots I knew we’d do well because the fish pod up when its really high for lack of a lot of holding water.  They have to stack up where they can or where they can get out of the bulk of the flow.  We fished a variety of flies, because of water levels there was little to no dry fly fishing to be had.  If you had to chase a bobber all day long though, this is the kind of conditions you hope for.


We caught a nice mix of rainbows, brookies, and browns……and several of the rainbows and browns were nice fish.  Have been using a new right angle rig with a new product I talked about above, the Strike Foundry in line indicator.  It worked/works like a charm, we used it in a right angle rig/configuration and a pair of weighted flies, two to three #1 or 4 split shot …..deadly.


Great day, Jeff was great to spend it with…  Have a busy week coming up, will be guiding Dr Steve Hardy from Lexington, NC, tomorrow plus doing some midweek floats.  I’ll finish the week doing a wade trip with Tom Gates, Winston-Salem, NC, weather permitting.   Should be a week of great fishing…..we’ll be right in it.

Will You….?    Tight lines….


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