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Get Ready For Spring…..

Mon. Mar 2, 2015 – We offer a ton of reference info, here’s a quick reminder of what the fly offering looks like for March….


These Patterns will catch fish this month— if you don’t have some blue wing, midge, and small dark stone patterns time to get them!:

Small Streams March (Dark is the theme)

#18 Baetis/ Dark BWO #16 Blue Quill #12-14 Quill Gordon #12-14 Hendrickson (lower elevs)

#14-16 Early Black Stone #12-14 Early Brn Stone #18 Dun Caddis

#20-24 Midges Gray, Black #18-20 Griffiths Gnat Small Adams Parachute #20-24 #18-20 Little Black Stone

#6-12 Stonefly nymph patterns Goldens, Blacks and Browns

Additional Patterns:

#18-22 Copper John
Griffith’s Gnat #20-24
Midges #20-24 Grizzly, Cream
#16-20 Black or Red Bead Head Copper John /Bob
#20-24 Jeff’s Superhair Mayfly Nymph, or 8/0 Baetis Nymph
#16-20 Red Copper John/Bob #18-20 Jeff’s Copper Rojo #10-12 Egg Patterns & Y2Ks (pinks n peach colors)


We also offer a March Hatch Chart for Small stream waters here that you can view/print/download.


Also, March is a great time for casting tuneup and practice.  If you haven’t fished this winter season and are going to in spring, I do offer lessons, but the calendar is limited and filling up.  Some ideas whether you opt for lessons or do it on your own…..The cast is basically a 3 way relationship click here .  The casting hand follows a hand path, and understand that hand path and what you are doing/not doing is paramount to becoming a good fly caster click here .  Finally, practice , practice, practice.  Yeah, the neighbors will think you’ve lost it…mine know I have or knew that long ago…but here’s a neat way to practice and make practice both fun and effective by using some targets and making a casting course.  Click here to read about how to set this up…this piece was from last year’s Nat Greene banquet where I had the privilege of doing the banquet seminar and program presentation.


Also, will have sometime this week some new products and info on them.  I had the recent privilege of joining several great companies in a Pro Staff/Guide member capacity and all have some great products.  Some of them are CC Filson Co, Strike Foundry Indicators , Titan Rod Vaults, and Rising Fish landing nets and gadgets.

Good fishing………its right upon us!


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