Where Fly Fishing is a Professional Passion…..

Too Much Heat for Good Fishing….Right? Nada.

Sun. June 22, 2014….Too hot to do well on the water right?  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Had some great bass and panfish trips lately, and also doing really well on smallmouth.  Had lots of good trips lately, and doing well on the tailwaters as well.  Just had a moment to catch my breath, put together these clips for the start of our summer smallmouth fishing…..


Our summer fishing is just getting kicked off.  Lots of opportunity, public water, private water, more smallmouth opportunities than you can shake a stick at, tons of sight fishing for trout, particularly if you like the stalk and hunt game, plus tons of great dry fly fishing on the tailwaters.  More than you could do!

In any case, hope your weekend was great, will be on the water tomorrow guiding Patti Nolan and her son on one of our private trophy waters, and Tuesday will be guiding another smallmouth float trip on the New River guiding Mike Workman and Brian Fitzgerald from Thomasville, NC.  Looking forward to a great week….

Tight Lines…




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