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Stormy Start to the Week…

Tues. Apr. 29, 2014…..A stormy start, you knew we’d get a round of this sooner or later.  Its been nice, cool, but nice.  Today looks like heavy rain and while I am all set/packed /heading out for today’s trip I don’t if it will be a go or not.  Yesterday looked pretty bad to start, but we got in a full day and only got heavy rain at the very end.  So all in all a good day.  But today, as much as I like to look at the positive, looks much different.  A near sure bet….could be a busted trip.  We’ll see…

Been putting in some 16 to 20 hr days, but its that time of year.  Saturday I was out, we did pretty well, guided  Ray Wohlfert, Ben Saunders, Greensboro, NC , NC Mtns,beautiful weather, fishing was good early but tailed off as the day went on, 83F is mighty warm for this date, where are the upper 60s’/low 70s? Stays this warm and we’ll have summer conditions by end of next week. Water temp where we were fishing rose 14F today….that’s a huge jump. We caught a mix of brookies, rainbows, browns, Ray landed a citation rainbow…..we also had a group of about 30 canoes come through which effectively ended the fishing where we were. We went to one other location way upriver and did ok, not great, but ok.

Have a busy week on the calendar with a looming weather threat standing to deal a blow to the first half of the week. The jet stream is set to dip south giving us an unbelievable amount of moisture to work with and thus giving the mtns, foothills, and Piedmont a soaking we have not seen in some time. Monday was rainy late day with PM storms, Tuesday and Wednesday look very stormy and the potential for very heavy rain exists. Things clear out by Thursday and Friday and they look cool and dry, but the impact of heavy rains of Wed could last through Friday. Thursday begins the final spring stockings for DH waters, with all waters being stocked again from May 1 to May 8.

Did a trip yesterday (Monday) and met my client Steve Harrison early am and we were off, gray threatening skies all around us. We dodged a major bullet , I am totally shocked it wasn’t a blow out. Considering all the severe weather in East TN and SW VA we fared pretty well. We got rained on pretty good early, then a calm period from 10am til 4pm and it was partly sunny believe it or not. We did very well, still mostly nymphing although we fished through a hatch of Hendricksons…we caught a lot of fish on a variety of flies, a mix of browns, brookies, and rainbows, and some very nice rainbows….and one citation brook trout. We fished til late afternoon as thunder rumbled in the distance. We hit one last spot and caught a nice rainbow then the bottom fell out. We started to fish one last run and a flash of lightning caused us to rethink that. We quit on that one. It was a good day……today and tomorrow could be a doozy if the forecasted rain comes.

We’ll see.  I have been wrong before about the weather…..but  ” *” this one looks like a sure bet.

More to come….


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