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Bugs and Bugs and Bugs….

Mon. Apr. 7, 2014…..  With warmer temps the bugs are out, and we are beginning to see the first significant bug activity of the season.  Quite frankly, its been fantastic…..by any measure.  I frequently send out some info on insects and flies many times a season…..Here are some ideas as to flies that will be hatching and effective imitations.  Also included is some info on Delayed Harvest, Hatchery Supported Waters, and Tailwaters.  Below is one insect that has been popping as of late, in great numbers, and on a majority of waters… its a size 16 Speckled Gray/Brown Caddis.  The fish love them….


For a FREE Printable Hatch chart for the month of APRIL for both small streams and tailwaters visit the This Month’s Fly Box page on our website, or you can click here to go right to the Download link .


General Synopsis
-Blue Winged Olive (Baetis) #18
-Blue Quill #16
-Quill Gordon #12-14
-Hendrickson/Red Quill #12-14
-March Brown #12-14
-Grey Fox #14
-Light Cahill #14
-Green Drake #8-10 (lower elevs only)
-Tiny Bwo (Pseudocloeon) #24
-Early Brown Stone #12-14
-Giant Black Stone #6-8
-Yellow Stone #14-16
-Speckled Gray/Brown Caddis #14-18
-Dun Caddis #18
-Dun & Green Caddis #16-18
-Midges: Adams, Grizzly,Gray,Cream #20-24

Note: Delayed Harvest waters revert to Hatchery Supported Regs as of first Sat. June 2014….Revert Back to Delayed Harvest Regs on October 1, 2014.  Hatchery Supported waters, denoted or marked with Green and White diamond signs, open April 5, 2014 and are open til the last day in February 2015.  Effective flies including the ones listed above, are:

Y2K’s peach, orange/yellow, pink/cerise..sz 12-14

Zebra Midge sz 18-20

RX Rubberleg Midge #18-22 (our pattern)

RX Rubberleg Golden Stone #14-16 (our pattern)
RX Rubberleg Caddis Pupa #14-18 (our pattern)
RX Rubberleg SiliStone #12-14
BH Blue Ice Nymph sz 16-18 (our pattern)
BH Golden Nugget sz 14-16 (our pattern)
BH Micro Wooly Bugger sz14-16 (our pattern)
Glass Head Skinny Nelson sz 18-20
Glass Head CDC Zebra Midge sz 18-20
Micro Egg pink sz 12
Egg Patterns sz 10-12 Orange, Pink, Cream
*Some waters an Orange Sucker Spawn is good, or light orange egg patterns as both the redhorse sucker and hognose sucker will be spawning April, May

Mid spring can still be sulphur time, plain and simple, if the weather warms up early. Flies usually range from 14 to 18, larger bugs are yellow to yellow /green, 16s are yellow to yellow/orange, and 18s are pale creamy orange, hatches in great numbers. A wide array of emergers, dries, etc., and all I use currently are CDC patterns.  As far as Sulphurs, they typically start the end of April/first week of May on TN side and around Apr 15 on the Smith River, particularly the lower river in the Martinsville to Koehler Islands area.  That’s when, as one spin fisherman I ran into once said after seeing dozens of browns rising around him without so much as a strike….”them there yeallar bugs are hatchin’ and those sons of ___________ (left out but I think you get it) won’t hit anything I’m throwin.’   The only thing I can say is “time to get a fly rod…..we can do something about it when those yellar bugs are hatching.”

Dry Flies
Sulphurs 14-18 CDC sparkle duns work well, either alone or fished as a dry/dropper w/a midge.
Midges sz 20-26 grays, blacks, cream
Adams sz 22-24
Black Caddis sz 18-20
Blue Winged Olives sz 18-22
CDC Blue Winged Olives Duns and Emergers sz 18-22
Vertical BWO Emerger #18-20
Vertical Midge Emerger Gray/Black #20-22
Black Sparkle Tail Emerger sz 20-22
(our custom pattern)
Blackfly Adult sz 22-24 (Our Fly)

Black Midge Pupa sz 20-22
Olive Midge Pupa sz 20-22
Zebra Midge sz 20-22
Choco Zebra Midge sz 20-22
Blackfly Larva sz 20-22
Pheasant Tail sz 16-20
Tung Baetis Nymph #18-22
Black Biot Nymph #18-22
Split Case Nymph sz 14-20
Scud #14-20 (Gray, Olive, Gray/Olive, Tan, Peach/Pink also for dead scuds)
Sowbug #14-18 (Gray- -Antron is perfect)

Streamers & Such
White Zonker sz 6-10
BH White Wooly Bugger sz 6-10
BH Black Krystal Bugger sz 6-10
BH or Lead Eye Jiggy White sz 8
(our custom pattern)

Lt Cahill

Custom Fly Patterns

I do offer the above patterns for sale and I do custom orders. They are not imports, they are NC/USA made right here in NC, in the heart of Appalachian trout country by someone who does nothing but flyfish, guide,tie flies, and teaches others to do the same. The same fly you buy from me is the same that gets tied to the end of my leader or a client’s.  In fact, that’s how most of my customers end up with some of my patterns…..we first caught fish on it while I was guiding them and we caught fish on it.  Pretty cool that when you buy it you already know it works.

Probably one of the few guides in our area who sells the flies we use…..plain and simple. We catch all the fish on Guided Trips on our own self tied flies that are of our own design. We have some absolute killer patterns for technical fishing found on TN and VA tailwaters…. I have tied flies for other shops and other guides….and Customers like our flies for one reason….they work. You can give me a ring at 336.944.3628 or email me at jwflyfishing@gmail.com  if there’s something you find you need. I even on occasion can do an ’emergency’ delivery of flies on the river.  Need some good ammo for the technical fishing on the TN tailwaters? I have an extensive array of patterns covering almost everything.   The flies work great, its just that simple.

I often get questions from customers on how or order custom patterns.  Its simple, you can go onto my web store/shopping cart here, choose the quantity (I do them by the dozen, you can mix or match patterns and/or sizes), then indicate on the order (there’s a comments box on the order screen) what you want specifically.  As a bonus, I ship for FREE.  Flies that work, shipped to you free.  That’s a great deal…Turn around is pretty good right now, but its the busy season, and things will get crazy for the month of May for sure.  By then many fish will have fallen prey to these killer flies….

Good Fishing!!!!


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