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Sunny, Mild, Spring in Full Swing….

Sat. Apr. 5, 2014….. Saturday….another great week of fishing and trips, spring has sprung and is in full swing here in the Appalachians.   Doing Guided Trip with Brian Coghill, Greensboro, NC, Kenny Richardson, and their sons Grant and Scott, Greensboro, NC, and we’ll be fishing two catch and release waters in the NC Mtns.  Feels great outside….. Out early this am, just posting this ….its 522am and getting ready to pull out. Should be a good day, sun, warm, highs in the upper 50s to around 60F.



Looking forward to a great time today, the bugs are flying and yesterday despite all the up and down windy/wet/stormy conditions we had lots of bugs hatching…..size 14 Tan Caddis, size 16 and 18 gray caddis, Quill Gordons, Blue Quills, and saw the first Hendrickson on this water …….time to pull out some big dry flies for sure…. If you want to make it simple, right now is a great time to forget identifying what is coming off, tie on a big Adams or Adams parachute in size 12 or 14, and fish like mad. A 14 adams will do you right right now…..it matches so many things.  Add about 20″ of 5X fluoro tippet to that Adams and tie on your favorite size 14 or 16 bead head and you have a killer rig ready for work.


Today is opening day also for all Hatchery Supported Waters, all waters marked with green and white signs like below. Delayed Harvest waters are NOT Hatchery Supported waters, the two are not the same thing.  Hatchery Supported waters are better known as ‘Hook n Cook’ waters per my good friend Mac Cheek who coined the phrase.

images (1)

Have been catching some fine brookies the past few days, some real quality fish and good looking fish.  Yesterday we got into a lot of browns….gray sky, low ceiling, rain, water a little high, water a little color to it…..those conditions are a good recipe for brown trout.  We rigged up with a big, nasty streamer and nailed probably 20 or more on the big nasty fly.  Browns are especially aggressive when conditions are what they are.

20140404 101647

20140404 101647


Have a great one, will report more from the river when we are out fishing in a few hours…….enjoy your Saturday!


Tight Lines…..


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