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Another Great Day…….Not as Warm As Forecast

Fri. Mar. 14, 2014…..Today’s trip …Ron Rhoades, Greensboro, NC, NC Mtns, looks like a nice day today.  Should do really well…..that is what I had posted this morning.  It was exactly like that , except with an asterisk***….it was cold as the dickens to start.  Like low to mid 20Fs, and it was slow to warm up.  Nice day, and nice temps, albeit breezy….if you were up on the bank.  If you were in the river, different story.  A 20 mph breeze constantly blowing across the water…..it was cold.


It was nice by the time we called it a day but it was still chilly on the water.  We slayed them.  Been saying all week that it has been good, it continues to be just that.  Wait a minute.  Let me rephrase that, as I mis—spoke.   It was phenomenal.  Ron was learning to fly fish, I’d say he got three to four trips worth of catching in today, we fished for a half day and did really well.  A rough estimate…40 or so….plus a lot of ones that were missed or came off after a brief hookup.



A ton of brookies and rainbows, zero browns.  One of the brookies was close to the 17 1/2″ mark, making it officially a citation fish.   Only saw 3 rises all day…but then again, no bugs and the water temps plummeting to the upper 30s after two cold nights and one cold day and that’s what you are going to get.  You could have  stared at a dry fly all day  and catch one or two fish, but didn’t see any point in it when we could get into a gazillion underneath.  Prime nymphing conditions.


And a handful of new fly rigs did the trick…fished several double rigs with a large attractor up front and one of our RX Tunghead Rubberlegs as a dropper…black, olive, tan, brown…pick a color.  Didn’t matter, although brown w/black tunghead did a real number on them.  Also caught a ton on a yellow sally stone imitation called a  ‘NorFork” Special.  It was great.  Ron was great, great to spend the day with……superb day but I’d better get to unloading and rigging up some stuff for tomorrow’s trip.



Will be doing another trip tomorrow with a father/son group, Todd Baker and his sons Caleb and Caden.  Looking forward to another brisk (COLD!!!!) start.  Probably will be in 20sF, to above freezing by 10am, 45 by midday, 60 by early afternoon but not much more than that.  I don’t put a whole lot of stock in that this time of year from a comfort standpoint.  Body temp 98F….put that 2 ft deep in 38F water, add in air temps and wind, and it will feel more like 40 than 60 in the river.  Maybe a little warmer if its not windy, but until the water warms a little don’t expect to wet wade or jump in in your bloomers just yet (bloomers would be East TN vernacular).  Simply put, be positive, think warm, but don’t leave the layers at home just yet.  Its still March in the High Country, and above 2000ft its still very much winter.  Very much.



But spring is coming.  I think……. 🙂

Tight Lines……and Have a great weekend…


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Clear Water defined.   New Zealand has always been some sort of standard for clear water…but it has nothing on a number of our Waters in that regard. Nothing.


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