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Nice Afternoon on the Water….

Wed. Mar. 5, 2014…..Nice day on the water today, chased some school bass today with my youngest son Josh…we did kill ’em or really get into fish until the very end…it was decent but not as many fish as previous times. We did get one 4lb fish on my new Shad Jiggy fly.

We caught a few here and there and ran briefly into a school of probably 75 to 100 bass busting a ball of shad probably 50 feet by 50 feet. It was silly how much bait was in the water. If I had ten bucks for every follow on the fly we had I’d have a pocket full of dough.

It was nice though to spend the day with my youngest son. He too, like his older brother Ben has become a great fly caster. Not good…..great. It was fun to watch. I enjoyed working the boat getting him into position to fish.

Looks like more winter weather moving in. Freezing rain, sleet, and a few inches of snow will fall on me tomorrow and Friday as I have a guided trip each day. Guiding Alex Adzima tomorrow and his Dad Greg on Friday. Looking for good fishing with gray skies, winter precip, and hopefully the place all to ourselves.

More reports tomorrow….have a great evening.

Spring will be here soon……right?


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