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Good Day Ended Up a Great Day…..

Tues….Feb. 18, 2014…. Hard to believe a week ago we were pounded with cold, snow, and ice…..feet of snow depending on your location.  And today it is supposed to hit 60F…..and be that way through Friday.  Incredible.  A lot of melting snow though, and the creeks and streams not controlled by a dam will be mighty chilly….don’t expect much in the way of early am fishing .  At least don’t be surprised if the fishing is slow to nonexistent.  Guess what that is?  Normal.  When snow melts and runs off the water in the stream will be near freezing.  Fish are lethargic when its like that.  Will they still feed?  Yes.  Its just that instead of early am it might be early afternoon before they ‘wake ‘ up.  So plan your fishing accordingly.

photo (14)


Here’s a recap of yesterday’s trip….  Got a mid morning start due to very cold temps and ice in the river. Guiding Ron Davis and his son Robert from Winston-Salem, NC, and we have done very well nymphing. Landed 20 fish so far on a variety of double nymph rigs.   About six inches to a foot of snow still lying around and drifts to a couple of feet in places…..Lots of ice floating in the river and that made for challenging fishing at first.  We had ice in our guides, and plowing through 2 ft drifts in spots to get to the river.


We fished a couple of stretches and then had a hot lunch and then hit a few more spots.   The afternoon was good too, and Robert ended up with 32 fish ……I think we landed about 45 fish total, a mix of browns, rainbows , and even a few brookies…. so it was a good day.  Good Flows, great nymphing conditions, fish are in slowest areas of stream or at least they were where we fished.


That is a normal thing for when you have snow and ice and lots of really chilly water going into the stream.  We had sunny skies then it clouded up.  The word from weather folks was more snow this afternoon and evening…….but it ended up being a freezing rain event.  Little impact though, at least not like the past week.

Temps will be moderating to the upper 60s here and high 50sF to low 60sF in the hills.    I have another trip tomorrow guiding Robbie Willard, Kernersville, NC, and we’ll be doing a half day trip and I expect us to do well if the snow hasn’t melted a lot and bumped up stream flows.

Have a great one…


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