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Another Frigid Day…….

Fri….Jan. 17, 2014…..Just thawed out enough to do today’s report…..here’s a snippet from our report….

Did a TN South Holston float with Rick Trautman and Len Worsham, Greensboro, NC, before the report/fishing I had written this…” this could be a cold one too, 2 inches of snow and temps in the teens and a high of 35F……..  Looks like the day will be a ‘tweener’…….that’s Appalachian for ‘between’ snow events…..  Late Thurs and into Friday more snow is on the way, looks like it will last into Saturday perhaps half the day or all day. ”


That was the word before we left.


Well, it was a bit colder than I believe was forecasted…..we had ice in the rod guides on every cast and it was 2pm before it wasn’t as bad.  But if you were in the shade it was still an issue.  Chilly , breezy, lot of snow around , some parts of the area had some significant snow and ice, particularly if you go east or north or northeast.  I kind of knew we’d work for our fish, no problem with that.



We caught some right off, then things were kind of slow …..nailed a really nice brown first fish of the day then things were quiet in a spot we’d been killing them early in the week.  We did ok in the afternoon, particularly in the lower river as we floated past Rockhold and down to Boone Lake.  We landed maybe a dozen fish or more, all the browns were quality fish….these are all WILD fish…….speaking well of the incredible wild brown trout fishery the SoHo boasts.


So how cold was it?  We were one of only 2 boats on the entire 14 mile stretch of  the river from SoHo Dam to Bluff City.



Looks like another winter blast and snow coming for today, tonight, Sunday, and into early next week.  Plus several shots of it mid to late next week as well.  The overall pattern is cold and more snow and ice.  Its winter right?……Normal.

Hope you have a great weekend………be safe on the roads if you head up….

Tight Loops…..


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20140116_162239The view from atop the 285 ft South Holston Dam…..built in 1950, at that time it was the largest earthen Dam in America.



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