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Nice Day, Bluebird Skies and Chilly…..

Fri. Nov. 29, 2013…..Cold to start, actually it was cold all day long. Water is still high but it was clear where we fished. I guided Dr Jim Kramer today and we fished two different waters and did very well.

We got a later start and fished the upper New and caught about 25 fish mostly on zebra midges and some rubberleg zebra midge variants. The water was up and had just a slight bit of color to it , nymph fishing was good. No dry fly fishing at all, maybe the 35F water was the reason. We fished in and around snow all day long as the area had snow for the past few days.

We enjoyed lunch streamside then headed to another water for the afternoon and it was great. Jim did very well as we netted about 30 more fish and made it a 50 fish day. All of them on nymphs, the same patterns we used in the morning and also nailed a few on Y2Ks….which usually work when the water is really cold. Jim and I quit at 430pm and called it a day. A great one, and a gorgeous day to be outside even if it was really chilly

Headed out again tomorrow to guide a private water Escatawba trip …guiding Scott and Hayden Roe and it should be a good day as recent rains have improved the flow there.

Have a great evening and a good weekend as well!


Jeff Wilkins FlyFishing
3703 Windspray Ct
Summerfield, NC 27358

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