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Frigid Day, Red Hot Nymph Fishing…..

Mon. Nov. 25, 2013……Knew before we ever met this morning that my client Ryan Sexton of Mathews, NC and I were going to have a very cold day. The weather folks were right on as when I met Ryan it was 17F and a stiff breeze was blowing as well. I met Ryan in Boone, NC and we were soon on our way.

We opted for a 815am meet time which gave us an hour later start and that would prove a good call as we were into fish right away. Caught a fish on the first cast and it was a 15" rainbow. The next cast Ryan rolled a 20 in plus rainbow and I knew then it was going to be a stellar day. A dozen to fifteen more rainbows there then we moved to another spot.

Same result and this 20 incher Ryan rolled he landed. Landed another dozen and two more large bows that were citation sized. It was phenomenal and we had great luck on several of my new nymph patterns….one in particular I call a rubber leg white zebra midge. It smoked them. We went to another spot before lunch and landed maybe 20 more fish, a mix of rainbows, brookies, and browns…..making it a 50 fish day before lunch.

After a hot fried chicken lunch, we hit two last spots and fished midges and put another 19 fish in the net. A great day….and Ryan did a great job. Not only fishing but handling the weather too as it never got above freezing. We packed it in just before dusk and headed back to Boone. What a day . Fishing is incredible right now….com3 experience what Ryan did….we have some December and January openings left.

Some nasty and heavy rain headed our way…..and our first winter weather shot of the year. We postponed Tues and Wed trips because of it. This one is a doozy….

Lots of fly tying to do though……have a great evening!

Jeff Wilkins Fly Fishing

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