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Great Fishing……Despite Low and Clear Conditions…

Fri. Nov. 8, 2013….Had two outstanding days of fishing with a client Dick Simpson from Burlington, NC.  It was great despite low and clear water.  We had good fishing, covered a lot of water, and caught over 100 fish in two Full days in the NC mountains.  Posted some great pics that you can view plus an entire commentary and fishing report on the trip…..Click Here to view the Fishing Report.  We also caught some pigs…..here are the four best fish of the trip, we had one on for a couple seconds that would have topped these and one other beast we never saw.  Here they are…. Nice work Dick!











Dick did the ultimate, the Trifecta or Grand Slam Citation……that is a 20 inch rainbow, 20 inch brown, and 20 inch brook char.  It was great.  We got to fish nymphs , dries, streamers….and caught fish every way possible.  The streamer fishing on a couple of stretches of water I took him to was epic….that is typical of Fall fishing here.  Streamers and fall fishing go together like Thanksgiving and Pumpkin pie.  Which by the way I love to eat.

Have some float trips coming up, will be chasing some smallmouth and muskies and looks like some decent weather and a warming trend coming up before the first potential winter weather event for the mountains hits next week.  Looks like it could be a snow event above the magic 2500 to 3000′ line and a frozen mix elsewhere.  Bring it on.  I love it.

Have a busy week next week as well with some floating and wade fishing , we’ll be hitting some private waters and NC streams too and getting in a few days before a long awaited, badly needed  rest weekend with my wonderful bride Kathy.  Looking forward to doing some fun stuff with her and taking a break to rest up before a very busy November and December.

Have a great one, be blessed…!


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