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Low And Clear……Wow

Sun. Nov. 3, 2013……  Just completed about a 600 mile road trip, including some guiding and meeting a truck driver near Athens, OH to pick up a driftboat to tow home.  Incredible how just a little farther North, Northwest of here the landscape is looking very winterish.  The leaves are almost gone.  Still a few around the VA and WV line…..but they are well past peak.


Stopped to gander at a favorite stretch of muskie and smallmouth water near Pearisburg, VA and pulled down by the river for a stroll and well…..what do you know about a 5 or 6 pound smallmouth was cruising the bank in about 3 feet of water.  Saw several large fish.  No anglers.  No boats.  Deserted.  A paradise awaiting someone.  I shall return, for we’ll be doing some winter smallie and muskie floats/fishing here.



Spent a good deal of time in WV yesterday and it looks like winter there.  Leaves gone, the Bluestone, Gauley, and New Rivers were way down and ultra clear.   You could see 10 feet down in the slow, deeper stretches .  It was cold and blustery and a few snow flurries.  It was supposed to only be in the mid 40s there today.



Have a private water trip tomorrow with Wesley Gormus, VA, and Wes’ son.  We are fishing the private stretch of Dunlap Creek at Escatawba Farms.  The river is flowing at 25cfs and while that is low its not as low as it can be .  I have fished it as low as 10cfs and thankfully its not there.  We need a few good rains as its gotten pretty dry.  The fish Saturday were cruising in the pools and sipping midges.  Top shelf fishing with light, delicate stuff.  I love it, its a call for your ‘A’ game…… but not everybody’s cup of tea.  And that’s okay.

Have a great week coming up….should have several days of reports this week……..will be fishing all over….

Tight Lines….


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This is a slice of smallie and musky heaven…………………near Pearisburg, VA.  One of our big water floats.


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