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Two Day Report from our NC and TN Fishing…..

Fri. Oct. 18, 2013…….Our Annual South Holston Fall TN Tailwaters Trip One…..5 Anglers, Jim Ritter, Phil Synder, Pennsylvania, Durham Potter, Raleigh, NC, Bernd Druebbisch, Greensboro, NC, Dr Bose Ravenel, High Point, NC….On the first day we had some fishing on the SoHo but its been limited due to releases. We fished the lower stretch just above Boone Lake so as to be downstream from the early release but the water was up by 11am.  We landed about 12 fish , I think, not terrible but not as it would normally be if we had had a full day there.

20131016 1032470

20131016 1032470

We had had an early breakfast and we headed back after fishing to have lunch and then head to another river on the NC side.  We went to plan B and rode over Roan Mtn to the NC side of the hills and caught between 25 and 30 fish….decent, or at least better than the morning.. We did catch a few nice fish fish including a couple citation sized fish…including a huge brookie by Jim Ritter and a nice brown by Dr Bose Ravenel….and lost a couple large fish too.


We had a nice Carolina BBQ dinner and then headed back to our place for a hot shower, and some relax time and tying flies…..one of the great things about the trip is the fellowship…and everyone seems to really enjoy that aspect of it.  Day Two, we got up and went upstream after an early pre dawn breakfast and fished another area…we landed 3 fish before the water reached us…pretty slow by SoHo standards, and while morning can be slow on tailwaters in Fall its normally better than that.  We had high water by 10am and headed back in to pack up our stuff.


We were on the road by 11am and stopped by another NC water….I am guessing between 4 guys we landed maybe 40 fish.  Much better than yesterday and was the best fishing of the trip.  Not the SoHo fishing we’d normally find in Oct, but several of the guys had come from a good distance away and we had to make the best of it. We did have some pretty good dry fly fishing in the afternoon and a light bwo hatch which the fish responded to in earnest.   All in all it was a great trip still and really enjoying this great group of guys…always a bummer to see it come to an end.  Really enjoyed these guys.


Have a few busy days coming up after an off day today as I had a trip scheduled with someone today and we opted to reschedule to Nov or Dec.  Also, just got off the horn with the truck driver from Montana who is delivering my driftboat and will be hooking up (pun intended) to get the tub.  Joked with him….”You’ve had a long ride, you know you could stay and fish for a day or so and head back……”….  I also told him we have some fishing around here that rivals what you find out there…..might be worth your while to fish…lol


Cold front passed through late yesterday afternoon and while I hate the wind and the leaf fall it brings the best part is the leaves fall and are gone on trees lining the water first….. so we are the first to see relief!

Have a great one….




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