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Another Cloudy, Wet Day in the Mtns…..

Tues. Oct 14, 2013…….Great to have a low sky, fog, and rain this time of year….the fish really eat when it is like that.   Guided  Dr. Mike Delissio, Cary, NC, NC Mtns, a cool, cloudy, rainy day for the most part til the sun came out late afternoon.  We had cloudy, cool weather and it was great….I love days like this in the Fall.  Fish eat when its like this.  I met Mike early and we were on the water by a little after 8am.  It was game on from the start, we did quite well, all with nymphs til the end of the day.



Mike landed about 35 to 40 fish, a mix of rainbows, browns, and brookies…..and we had great fishing til the sun came out.  That seemed to kind of slow things down a bit.  We fished a few different spots.  Really surprising how the water has come back down after a wet year and the heavy rains of early last week.  Some places are low and really clear.  Really clear. Not everywhere, but I’d say most.  And some look like summer low and clear.


I am expecting the fishing subsurface to go from good to great to phenomenal when we get some really chilly weather.  Water temps range from low to mid 50s in some spots to around 60 to 62F in others.  That is dependent on elevation.  Below 60F is the magic number for most hatches (especially BWOs) and one last hurrah of dry fly fishing before winter comes.


Great day today, enjoyed spending it with Mike, we had a great time and caught a pile of fish.  And finished up catching fish with dry flies on the New…..The only damper is when stupid me left a large and $$$ graphite composite landing net on top of the car and a New 9 foot 4 weight SAGE ZXL  with a gold bar stock Loomis Reel, about a $800 outfit  with a Wulff triangle taper line on top of the car and drove off…..What was I thinking?  Going searching for tomorrow morning before our big SoHo trip…..What a dumb move that was!

Headed over today to East TN to do one of our Fall Group Trips, and I’ll be joined by Phil Snyder and Jim Ritter of Pennsylvania, Durham Potter, Raleigh, NC, Dr. Bose Ravenel, High Point, NC, and Bernd Druebbisch of Greensboro, NC.  Looks like cloudy and cool, maybe a bit of sun.  Looks like we’ll fish a lot of ground over the next 2 and a half days.

Have a great one….


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