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Cloudy, Cool, And Wet on the SoHo…..

Sat. Oct 12, 2013……In off several days hard fishin’……oh I know it sounds like complaining.  Enough of that.  Here’s a report on yesterday’s fishing on the South Holston guiding Ron and Robert Davis from Winston-Salem, NC, and their friend David Yeager who is here on a visit from Montana.  We fished the Soho and landed about 20 to 25 fish.  They were on at 1pm with the release, so we ha d til at least 3:00 or 3:15 where we fished until we would have to move.   It was surprisingly slow, water temps were up a little from warm past two weeks. No bugs coming off.    But we got a pair of 2 20 inch plus rainbows, landed one and lost one just a few feet from the net.   It was very crowded,.., particularly on the downstream areas of the South Holston ….a rarity in some respects….guess its the nice weather…..and limited wading schedule over the past week.




Water temp was 61F……my thermometer and past experience of 27yrs here tell me we are only a few chilly nights away from great Bwo and sulphurs for Fall….in most years the sulphurs make a brief showing in the Fall and last til Christmas in some cases, at least November most of the time.



In the center of photo is a Fall #20 Baetis nymph preparing to hatch very soon……Our Fall bwos are a fine gravel swimming mayfly species….find shallow, gravel covered runs with pebbles to rocks the size of a softball and you are in Baetis promised land.  Baetis is what one of our main Blue Winged Olives are called when using the scientific or Latin name.  They are a size 20 this time of year on some parts of the river and have 3 broods per year.  The big areas on a lot of rivers are those long, gentle riffles and particularly islands.  Find island areas in the river and you have found Baetis water for sure.  That is a spring hatch, a summer hatch, and a Fall hatch.  If you are a fly angler who loves the dry fly that should make you  Happy, Happy, Happy…..



Note in the very center of picture a Baetis nymph…..its the only long, slender (skinny) nymph.  Any Nymph imitation should have that trait….and its one of the primary reasons anglers fishing zebra midges do so well a good bit of the time.  They are imitating Baetis and doing so without knowing it.  If you find nymphs you will find them on the protected downstream /downcurrent side of rocks.



Have a busy week coming up……5 days in a row of trips, first one on Monday guiding Mike Delissio of Raleigh, NC, and then a three day trip with Dr. Bose Ravenel, High Point, NC, Jim Ritter and Phil Snyder of Pennsylvania, Bernd Druebbisch of Greensboro, NC, Durham Potter, Raleigh, NC….and ending up the week guiding a day with David Howard, High Point, NC.  Should have lots of great reports and pics.

One thing is for sure….leaves are changing and flying….nearing peak in a lot of places.  Still mixed and a little green below 3000ft but it won’t be that way for long.  I think in the coming week we are going to see a quick change to much cooler weather and the beginning of both the brook and brown trout spawns…..

Have a blessed Sunday……..Tight Lines..!


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