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Cold Front Friday…..

Fri. Oct. 11, 2013 ….A cold front pushed through this morning, cool and breezy and lots of leaves flying.  Guided Tony Pugh, Asheboro, NC, one of my favorite clients and regular clients and we had planned to fish the South Holston but they were dumping water.  So we opted to fish some NC water nearby in lieu of that.  The water was in great shape, much better than expected given the heavy rains of earlier in the week.


Tony and I met up bright and early and were in the water before anyone on the river…..it was chilly, like low 40sF and you could see your breath…..the chill of Fall for sure. Things were slow to start, which suprised me, as where we were fishing is a great place from now through late spring. We caught a few to start , maybe 2 or 3 fish, landed one 18″ rainbow and had another large one come off….we moved around a bunch.



We hit another stretch of water and it was better, and yielded probably a dozen to fifteen fish…and we landed the fish of the day a 24″ rainbow. We hit several more stretches of water and caught more fish ending the day with about 25 or so. The fishing was a little off, not sure if it was a cold front that passed through or what….but it was certainly slower than I would have expected. I mean if you know where the fish stack up as colder weather causes them to do…and you know the flies to use and how to rig them, ordinarily we’d probably catch twice as many. But 25 is still a good day and thankful for it. Tony is always a blast to spend the day with..



Sat. Oct 12, 2013….., Have a trip today guiding Ron & Robert  Davis, Winston-Salem, NC, TN Tailwaters, and I am up early updating our websites and fishing report from  the banks of the Watauga this morning near Siam , TN and getting ready to take the guys out fishing today.  Its cloudy, cool, and looks like some rain…sounds to me like great Blue Winged Olive weather…fingers crossed XX.  Can hear the sound of the river as the TVA is continuing its drawdown of the lakes here.  Full generation all day on the Wag, half day wade schedule on the SoHo.  Looking forward to a great day…

Have a great weekend!


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