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Nice Day On Home Waters….

Sat. Aug. 24, 2013…..Great morning, did a full day guided trip , Dr. Jason Steinbicker, Clemmons, NC,South Holston, we got a super early start, definitely one of the nicest weather days of the year, it was cool with low humidity, felt like a fall morning.  It was great, we started with a dry dropper rig and a nymph rig and nailed several nice fish on those, all browns, then a mix of nice browns and rainbows, we also hit a stint where we nailed a lot of nice fish on beetles, casting to sippers we could see.


We then got a little bit of a blue winged olive flurry, caught several on small dries.  Broke off several fish again on beetles, some nice fish, then switched back to a dry and dropper rig and caught maybe 6 or so at the last places we fished.  Good day, probably 30 fish or so….it was great.  Jason is a great caster and beetle fishing is so much fun with a great caster….a beetle and a good distance caster = many hookups.


A good end to a very busy week back from our Wyoming adventure……..whew, little time to catch my breath.  Get a day off/home tomorrow (Sunday), will enjoy a day of rest and have another trip on Monday, guiding two longtime friends/clients Dr. Jim and Martha Kaley.  Should be another great day.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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craneimg_4567An important insect on all waters, but especially tailwaters….a size 18 tan/orange cranefly.  These are important late summer through late fall and there are times trout will selectively feed on them…..Jeff Wilkins photo 2013 (South Holston River)



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